Construction + Tool Brand Portfolio

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

Construction + Tool Brand Portfolio

We like to consider ourselves a design-build marketing agency

Having worked in the construction industry and other related trades over the last 20+ years, we were exposed to a term in the industry called “design-build”.  A design-build construction firm provides the architectural design, engineering, and construction on a project… a one-stop-shop in theory.   From initial planning and design through finished construction, a design-build firm assumes responsibility for all phases of the construction process.   

I like to think of our marketing communications agency as a design-build marketing firm. We handle projects from the initial brand/communication planning phase through design/concept and finally campaign implementation /execution.    So if you want to see how we’ve helped bring our design-build marketing approach to the construction and tool category, check out our newly released portfolio of work!

WE’RE HIRING: Bookkeeper/Business Manager Position

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

WE’RE HIRING: Bookkeeper/Business Manager Position

Geile/Leon is seeking a Bookkeeper/Business Manager to join their team. If you’re enthusiastic, fun, energetic and love to work in a team-oriented, high energy, client-focused environment, this might be for you.

Company Overview

Yes, it’s pronounced Guyel-Leeon. But, we aren’t French. We’re Midwestern. We’re a lean pack of professionals. We aren’t about talk. We’re all about results. We work hard to make sure everything we do means something. Every project, every interaction and every relationship. We’re a close-knit agency that resembles a family more than business. We like to do great work and have fun doing it. And our clients feed off that energy – and appreciate it, too!

Why Choose us

  • Flexible schedule. We work from home on Wednesdays.
  • The safety of our employees is at the heart of everything we do. We are heavily invested in measures aimed at keeping employees healthy during COVID-19.
  • We’re fun and we like hanging out together (when we can). Our yearly Fun Calendar has everything from potlucks to parties. Every month there’s something to look forward to. And we enjoy our summer Fun Fridays where we leave the office early and enjoy all things St. Louis.
  • Our culture is amazing. You’ll love working here as we treat everyone with respect. 83% of our employees have been here 5 years or more!
  • We enjoy a great work/life balance. We understand that there’s a time to work and a time to take some time off and enjoy life.
  • Our benefits are awesome. Here are just a few:
    • PTO days that increase the longer you’re here & you get your birthday off
    • Medical/dental/401k and more
    • Tuition reimbursement opportunities

Who We’re Looking For?

We’re looking for someone that will roll up their sleeves and make things happen. Our Business Manager will take on ownership and management of all aspects of the accounting function at the agency. They will work with agency leadership to help guide the financial health and performance of the business, providing reports, insights, and perspectives to aid in decision-making. In addition, they will help administer HR functions related to onboarding, documentation, timesheet oversight and PTO tracking. We’re looking for an experienced accounting and financial professional who enjoys working in a close-knit environment, solving problems, contributing to the success of a business, and having a little fun along the way!

A Couple Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance and/or Business Administration or equivalent degree.
  • Agency experience is a plus

Job Responsibilities


  • Management and execution of all accounting functions- AR/AP, invoicing, payments, reconciliations, month-end, year-end, etc.
  • Records all entries and generates monthly financial reports through agency financial software Workamajig.
  • Administers payroll in third party system
  • Administers 401(k) and makes scheduled deposits
  • Issues payment for vendor/supplier invoices, company credit cards, etc.
  • Maintains all digital and hard copy agency accounting files.
  • Generates and issues invoices to clients.
  • Provides partners with financial information when required.
  • Makes bank deposits and reconciles bank statements.
  • Processes estimated tax payments and tax filings as needed.
  • Works closely with accounting firm on year-end and other tax-related matters.
  • Produces monthly summary reports of aged accounts receivable and contacts clients’ accounts payable when overdue.
  • Issues, manages, and reconciles company credit cards.
  • Reviews and authorizes all capital asset purchases.

HR Responsibilities:

  • Maintains employee records including PTO tracking and other information affecting wages, deductions, vacations, etc.
  • Assist with onboarding new employees, ensuring proper documentation is administered.
  • Maintains benefits programs and provides employees with necessary claim forms and assistance when needed.
  • Work with partners annually to update Employee Handbook.

Time Requirement

Full-time, possibly 3-4 days/week

Salary Range

Commensurate to experience level and number of days worked

How to Apply

Please email your resume to Tim Leon, President, [email protected]

Geile/Leon Announces New Member of Ownership Team

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

Geile/Leon Announces New Member of Ownership Team

St. Louis (Feb. 15, 2022) – Geile/Leon Marketing Communications is pleased to announce that long-time team member Randy Micheletti is now a shareholder of the company and has an ownership stake in the business.

(From Left to Right): Dave Geile, Randy Micheletti, Tim Leon

Micheletti, who joined the St. Louis agency in 2014 is Vice President, Director of Brand Strategy. This move helps Geile/Leon cultivate a new generation of leadership ensuring the legacy and future of the agency, said Tim Leon, president and brand strategist.

“Over 32 years, we’ve built a great business and reputation. We can attribute much of this success to our people,” Leon said. “We want to recognize Randy for his hard work and commitment and are excited to have him as part of our management team helping us execute our business plan and achieve our growth goals.”

Dave Geile, owner and creative director, added: “Randy has proven himself to be a true dedicated partner. Much of our growth and client satisfaction levels can be attributed directly to Randy. We are proud to have him as part of the ownership team.”

About Geile/Leon Marketing Communications Geile/Leon is a brand-driven strategic marketing communications firm that helps clients solve their biggest brand challenges. The company offers a full range of services including brand development, advertising, design, public relations, video content, digital and social media. The company has a staff of 14, serving clients that include Lincoln Electric, Metro Imaging, Grant’s Farm, Hussmann Corporation, Washington University and the Archdiocese of St. Louis.

Higher Education Branding

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

Higher Education Branding

An article published late last year by Forbes Young Agency Council highlighted top challenges marketers need to be prepared to solve in 2022 and beyond.  Within the list of challenges, one in particular resonated with us as it relates to what our branding firm is always working on for our clients. And that is bringing  “consistency of creative content and branding across all platforms.”  

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the challenge most institutions for higher education face is having to work across multiple communication platforms and multiple audiences (online students, undergrad students, adult learners, etc.). It’s imperative to have a brand message/theme/identity that can translate across the board, and defining your content strategy and identity comes from defining your brand positioning and understanding the value it delivers to your target audience.

Here’s a look at some of the campaigns we’ve done in this category that may inspire you and your brand!

Video Strategy Predictions for 2022

Randy Micheletti
VP, Director of Brand Strategy

Video Strategy Predictions for 2022

I’m sure you’re out there. Still uncertain if video content will benefit your company so you keep putting it off. You’ll get to it later…well, guess what? You’re losing out right now. Those that doubled down on video in 2021 are for sure seeing the benefits. 

Companies that are proactively using video to keep their customers connected and engaged are winning in 2022. But like all things, video continues to advance. Taking your video strategy from reactive to proactive will ensure your content and experiences are taken to the next level, according to Socialive founder and CEO David Moricca.  

In addition to this strategy shift, here are a few more predictions that are definitely worth exploring.

Be your own content distribution company

While virtual events were hot from 2020-2021, we’re now heading in a different direction. In 2022, we’ll be moving from large-scale virtual conferences to shorter-form, video-content-driven experiences. These condensed videos will allow you to use on your own channels, are easier to measure engagement, and push leads through your digital marketing funnel. Gone are the days of sending audiences to third-party platforms.

Shoppable videos are hot

Driving sales through social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook has become impactful. The “shoppable video” is quickly becoming mainstream, and companies should include this in their video and e-commerce initiatives.

The “do it yourselfers” will emerge

As technology enables more people to create and distribute video content themselves, we will see the emergence of more people and companies producing video on their own. While the real estate, financial services, and travel and hospitality industries have dabbled in video content usage in the past, 2022 will be marked by a better ability to scale video creation as a new standard for engaging with their audiences.

Crowdsourced, peer-based learning will become the standard

As many companies struggle with employee retention and engagement, businesses are forced to find better ways to document and distribute knowledge to their workforce. Employees learn best from their peers because they can relate to them. As a result, training videos or written content will be heavily crowdsourced from their peers’ direct experiences in order to most effectively learn the on-the-job skills required for their positions.

Speed to market will continue to increase

As brands continue to embrace a digital-first approach to reaching customers, the speed with which marketers must respond to trending online topics keeps getting faster. When more companies begin adopting this approach, the demand will skyrocket for video content creation tools that enable marketers to more rapidly create a constant stream of fresh assets.

At Geile/Leon Content Studios, we understand how to concept and produce video content and how to use it throughout the funnel to engage your customers. If you’re in need of assistance with any video content we’d love to assist. If you’d like to talk or see samples of our videos, please reach out. We can definitely help.

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