Shawn Maher

Key Takeaways from a Year of Online Product Launches

There’s something about a really well-executed product launch event that captures our attention and our imaginations. When it really clicks, the anticipation among consumers is electric. But during the pandemic this past year, packing a giant event space full of people for a product launch simply wasn’t an option. 

Of course, necessity is the mother of invention. And if there’s anything that marketing professionals can do, it’s to use necessity to invent really, really amazing solutions. So, here’s what we learned in this past year as the product launch was reinvented.

Invest in the Building the Anticipation Before the Launch

With all the tools we have at our disposal, a well-coordinated campaign leading up to a product launch can be a well-oiled machine. And the very best are well-oiled machines with lots of horsepower. 

Use your social media platforms, mailing lists, influencers and traditional media in conjunction to unleash this power. Cleverly unveiling clues or tidbits of information not only builds anticipation for the event, but it also gets people talking. Just ask anyone who binge watched a crime show during quarantine: we all love to solve the puzzle as we watch the plot unfold.

Use Your Platforms to Make the Event Interactive

Wherever your video is streaming, your brand can engage people in ways that would never be possible at a traditional product launch. Whether it’s answering questions or just socializing, the chat section is a great place to hang out. Think of it as an opportunity to round up a few thousand of your favorite customers to kick back with them and talk shop. 

This is your chance to engage on a personal level than you could previously, fostering the type of relationship that breeds a deep customer loyalty. Just make sure to keep the conversation natural and organic. You’re making friends with your customers, not selling them a new set of steak knives.

Continue Building Engagement After the Event Ends

Your event is over and it was a huge success. You’ve built a ton of momentum, so don’t just walk away. Ride the wave! Sure, you’ve introduced your product, but today’s consumer seeks more information than ever. And what better place to get it from than you? Start digging into the features, demonstrating different uses and telling everyone where to buy it. 

Basically, use this huge level of engagement to make sure your customers have a deep understanding of your product’s selling points as well as the tools to ensure successful adoption and long-term satisfaction.

Let’s Make Your Next Launch Astronomical

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all as excited as you are to get back to the world with events that have crowds and excitement. But for marketers, this isn’t just turning lemons into lemonade. It could be turning lemons into a lemonade factory. 

However, you’ll need a strong brand and a coordinated campaign that works cohesively through every execution and touchpoint. As a full-service agency with over three decades of experience, Geile/Leon is your perfect partner for your next product launch. Get in touch and let’s get planning!