HIRING: Brand Manager

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

HIRING: Brand Manager

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications is now hiring a brand manager!

The Brand Manager ensures that client needs are met by completing a variety of tasks that guarantee projects are completed on time and on budget and agency workflow is managed appropriately. 

This person has a drive to provide excellent client service and has 4-5 years of experience within the marketing communications field (agency or client side). Excellent verbal and written communications skills, personal organization, interpersonal dynamics and an eagerness to learn are keys to success. 

Reports directly to VP, Director of Brand Strategy



Client Interaction

  • Serves as day-to-day point of contact for assigned clients
  • Leads tactically-oriented client meetings and discussions
  • Gathers and assembles background information and analysis as needed by Brand Management in development of reports, plans and strategies    
  • Manages client expectations and alerts supervisor to any potential issues/problems that jeopardize the account
  • Addresses scope challenges/issues/status with client; alerts VP, Director of Brand Strategy, when needed
  • Articulates client’s brand strategy and ensures strategy carries through in service delivery
  • Manages third-party relationships and identifies possible new relationships that enhance capabilities of the agency
  • Develops and provides direction for client and media materials: plans, presentations, reports, and communications documents

Project Management

  • Develops and executes high-quality programs from conception to execution 
  • Provides input during brainstorming sessions for new ideas and development of client strategies    
  • Prioritizes project tasks so that tasks stay on track
  • Handles and maintain files on all client activities, competitors and industry   
  • Proofreads copy, artwork and layouts 

Financial Management

  • Develops and manages budgets and ensures profitability
  • Develops scope of service and project agreements, in conjunction with clients and available consultation with senior level staff
  • Works with Senior Brand Manager/Assistant Director of Brand Strategy /VP, Director of Brand Strategy to facilitate resolution, with clients of budgetary issues
  • Provides forecasts for agency income to senior level staff


  • Learns, understands, and internalizes assigned brands in detail; deeply knows brand’s competitive positioning and messaging
  • Understands internal project and operational processes
  • Stays current with interactive trends and developments; shows ability to suggest application to clients’ needs
  • Develops and maintains communications plans
  • Brings new, innovative thinking to clients
  • Analyzes competitor activity and consumer trends related to client accounts

Business Development

  • Assists with new business pitches by researching, developing a deeper knowledge of the prospect and industry 
  • Ensures case studies are created at the conclusion of projects to assist agency in new business efforts

To apply, send your resume to our Vice President and Director of Brand Strategy, Randy Micheletti at [email protected]  

To keep your brand relevant, don’t blow it up. Get Dynamic Branding!

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

To keep your brand relevant, don’t blow it up. Get Dynamic Branding!


The world is changing more quickly than ever. And so are consumers. With that in mind, do you know if your brand is still relevant? We’ve been working on a strategy to help brands be dynamic, so they can shift with behavior changes and stay aligned with consumer sentiment.

We’re pretty excited about it. It’s the culmination of what we’ve done successfully for over 30 years in creating new brands, refreshing brands and helping them adapt.

You might be going through a merger, gaining new leadership with a new vision, entering into a new market segment, experiencing a market shift in attitude towards your product, or simply just having an outdated brand visual identity, logo, or message. There are countless ways a brand can lose relevancy, and sometimes it happens so gradually that you don’t even notice.

As they say, the only constant is change.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to blow everything up and start over. Your brand may still have a lot of equity. A recent DENTSU survey found that the top concerns for CMOs are understanding consumer shifts and behavior changes, as well as staying aligned with ever-changing consumer sentiment. Our dynamic branding process helps brands remain relevant in a world where change is constant.

It’s something we preach AND we put into practice. We proudly point to our new website as an example of not throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. Our brand needed to reflect how both we and our marketplace have evolved over the past few years. So we surveyed the landscape of our industry, took some time to assess our own brand’s relevance, and worked to align it with who we’ve become and how we serve our clients.  This refreshed branding is being reflected in our newly launched website, social media efforts, and public relations.

But like anything, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s what dynamic branding is all about. We get to learn about brands, get to know them, gain a deep understanding of their market and find a unique solution to regain brand relevance.

If any of this resonates with you (and in 2022, it would be surprising if it didn’t), then we would encourage you to get in touch to schedule a quick, 15-minute call to assess your brand’s relevancy. It’s easy and pretty enlightening.  We also have a quick self-assessment survey available on our GL homepage that helps identify why your brand may need a refresh. Lastly, check out our video series all about dynamic branding – you can start your viewing here:



Chatting with Randy on Peer Groups and Relevancy

Randy Micheletti
VP, Director of Brand Strategy

Chatting with Randy on Peer Groups and Relevancy

For many of us, the past couple years have been the toughest times of our lives, both personally and professionally. No one has gone through anything like this. We all had many considerations. “How will I respond to isolation?” “How will I handle this new routine?” “Is my product or business still relevant?” And one of the most frequently asked questions, “Am I even in the right career?”

As millions of people were leaving their jobs, I knew one thing. I wasn’t going anywhere. I loved what I was doing and the people I was doing it with. As a matter of fact, I wanted to do it better than ever before. But some things were creeping into my mind. “Is business going to be the same?” “What do I need to do to ensure we’re still relevant?” “What are other agencies doing?”

Then, out of the blue, one of the partners at our agency asked if I’d want to be part of a peer group for other agency executives who are involved in running their businesses. I couldn’t believe it. It was just what I was looking for. Having access to a network of like-minded folks has never been more crucial. So without hesitation, I said, “Yes, please.”

Before I knew it, I was signed up and headed off to Chicago to meet my group. What a great group of professionals. It was three days I’ll never forget. Smart, engaged people who were facing the same challenges as I was. I couldn’t believe I had all these resources at my fingertips.

After three days of discussions, presentations, discussions, challenges and maybe a few more discussions, I headed back to St. Louis with the comfort of knowing I had a great group of people that I could always reach out to—for anything. I wasn’t alone.

So, if you’re thinking of joining a peer group, do it! Here are a few reasons why.

Safe Space – Confidentiality allows people to be totally open about issues they are unable to discuss with others. Commiserate over loses and celebrate over victories.

Honest Feedback – Like it or not, you’ll receive nothing but honest feedback. It’s good to hear different opinions that challenge you.

Guidance – You don’t know it all and a little guidance can go a long way. Listen and learn from other execs. 

Motivation – When you leave your meeting, you’ll be more motivated and excited than ever. You’ll have a list of new ideas to implement. It’s awesome!

Give it a try. It won’t hurt. You’ll discover new business and financial strategies, best practices, new business development ideas and you’ll make some new friends. And one thing for sure, the process works. I will attest to that.