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Trending From G/L - PARENTING
Feb 23, 2018

Trending from G/L: Do You Suffer From PAR-ENT-ING?

Geile/Leon Trending Now, Trends

YouTube content creators from the channel The Dad, delivered a hilarious dose of parenting reality with their satirical video entitled, “Do You Suffer From PAR-ENT-ING?” The video pokes fun at cliché and contrived pharmaceutical industry ads, exaggerating parenting as a disorder that “affects 10 out of 10 parents” and often results in “sleep deprivation, headaches, thinning hair, extreme debt and loss …

Club Fitness Every Body Ad
Feb 13, 2018

Club Fitness Is Off To A Running Start In 2018

Geile/Leon G/L Work

Our client, Club Fitness, has a New Year’s resolution that they’re sticking to and it’s paying off—they’re “The Right Fit for Every BODY.” Club Fitness is the regional fitness club where every BODY can join, feel comfortable and confident in their individual abilities and have access to all of the services and equipment they need to reach their personal goals—all …

Content marketing blog
Feb 12, 2018

The Big Game vs. The Big Picture

Geile/Leon Advertising, Digital, Full Funnel Marketing, General

Every industry has “their Super Bowl.” Some have conventions, others have awards shows, but for advertising professionals, our Super Bowl is, well, the Super Bowl. Each year, major brands pony up massive amounts of money for a 30-second spot during the big game, often launching new campaigns or products in the process. It’s the biggest stage for big ideas. But …

Feb 09, 2018

Trending From G/L: Crock-Pot Is Innocent!

Geile/Leon Trending Now, Trends

After the heart-wrenching reveal of Jack Pearson’s anticipated death in last week’s episode of This Is Us, viewers learn that a Crock-Pot—err, slow cooker ignited the fire that consumed the Pearson’s house, ultimately leading to Jack’s fatal heart attack. What happened next, you would never expect. Fans took to social media in anguish and shock that Crock-Pot could ever be …

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Feb 01, 2018

5 Social Media Trends to Consider For Your 2018 Strategy

Geile/Leon Social Media, Strategy

Last year, there was no shortage of surprises, new features and time in the national spotlight when it came to social media’s influence in politics. Cough, Russia. In 2018, we can expect to see the social media relationship between brands and consumers continue to evolve and affect the way we connect and engage with one another. Here are 5 social …