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Introduction to Dynamic Branding

Today’s world moves faster than ever, which makes it more challenging than ever for brands to remain relevant. When your brand loses relevance, you can lose market share. Brands that respond and adapt to changes in the marketplace and market conditions are dynamic brands. These dynamic brands find success because of their ability to adapt and remain aligned with the world around them.

Dynamic brands have one attribute in common – relevancy. They understand their customers, and when markets change for any reason, these brands adapt and remain relevant. By staying close to their customers and the markets they serve, they don’t lose sight of changing consumer behaviors or changing marketing conditions, such as new competitive threats.

At Geile/Leon, we want to help every brand be a dynamic brand and have developed a number of processes to get you there.


Distilled Thinking™

Ideal Applications: Development of new brands, a major brand re-branding

In the liquor business, distilling is the process of getting to the essence of a bourbon or vodka by eliminating the impurities to achieve a high-quality liquor. Distilled Thinking™ is our time-tested process for helping clients discover or rediscover their brand by getting to the essence and core of their “unique claim of distinction.” This four-step process helps bring clarity to your brand messaging and digs deep to discover that nugget of truth that truly differentiates and makes your brand relevant in the mind of your internal and external audiences.

Deliverables include a comprehensive brand architecture that provides valuable content that everyone in the organization will find useful.


Brand Refining

Ideal Applications: Brand refreshes due to triggering events, including changes in market conditions, evolving consumer purchase behaviors and attitudes, entry of the brand into new and unfamiliar markets and competitive pressures/new competitive market entry  

For marketers, change is inevitable. Changes in consumer behavior, changes in corporate vision/leadership (due to mergers, acquisitions, etc.) and changes in market conditions can cause brands to fall out of favor and lose their luster.

The most important thing is that marketers monitor the health of their brands to ensure they remain relevant. Why? Because loss of brand relevance can result in loss of customer loyalty and ultimately, loss of market share.

By definition, refinement is “improving something by making small changes.” That is what our brand refining process entails. This four-step process helps identify where a brand has lost relevance and determines how to help the brand regain relevance by making modifications to the brand positioning, messaging, visual brand identity, etc.


Portfolio Purification

Ideal Applications: Assess health of current brand/business portfolio, define/redefine the ideal product offering and determine the go-to-market brand portfolio strategy moving forward

Why do some companies have brand portfolios that consistently align with the evolving demands and preferences of even the most demanding consumer expectations? They not only make brand and product decisions aligned with their business strategies, but continuously reevaluate and examine their portfolios. That ensures their product offering aligns with their brand and is relevant to the marketplace and consumer demands, allowing them to stay competitive and remain industry leaders.

Our Portfolio Purification analysis is a deep dive into your portfolio’s health, risks and opportunities. We evaluate how your brands and their respective products work together and how they should be prioritized best to suit your goals and the demands of the marketplace. We compare and contrast each brand’s financial performance and market share in the portfolio, identify gaps and develop the go-to-market portfolio plan moving forward.

This process will help you:

  • Assess the health of your current brand portfolio
  • Determine whether to expand or reduce your portfolio (introduce new brands/products or retire existing brands/products)
  • Identify at-risk brands/products
  • Create an ideal portfolio state
  • Develop a strategic go-to-market plan


Discover Your Why

Ideal Applications: Companies that are trying to uncover their deeper purpose and understand their reason for being. This session helps companies find their “why” and bring it forward in their marketing and sales efforts.

The “Discover Your Why” process is designed to walk companies through the Golden Circle, made popular by marketing thought leader Simon Sinek, author of the 2009 book Start with Why. The premise of the book is that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

The goal of the “Discover Your Why” process is to become one of the inspired companies that truly understands “why we do what we do” and sells and markets from the inside out by starting with “why.”

G/L will facilitate a half-day session that helps companies define/outline their Golden Circle. This lively session is designed to solicit ideas and build consensus among team members as to the “what, how and why” for the organization.

This is the most important step of the session — defining why companies do what they do. G/L drills down to the questions that truly define the organization:

  • What is your purpose as an organization? What are your beliefs?
  • Why does your company exist?
  • Why do you as an employee get up and come to work every morning?
  • What motivates you about working for this organization?

Once these are defined, G/L can help conduct training with key marketing/sales/C-level to learn how to “start with why” in communications with customers, prospective customers and employees.


  • Distilled Thinking™
  • Brand Refining
  • Portfolio Purification
  • Discover Your Why