We aren’t French. We’re Midwestern. We aren’t a massive horde. We’re a lean pack. We aren’t about talk. We’re all about results.

And how do you get results?

By working hard to make sure everything we do, and you do means something. Every project, every interaction, every relationship—heck, even every handshake has to mean something around here.

Sure, we’ve been in business almost 30 years, but it’s not the longevity that makes us successful. Delivering strategic, brand-driven marketing solutions for our clients is what drives our success.

We’re a close-knit agency that resembles a family more than business. We like to do good work, and have fun doing it. And our clients feed off that energy–and appreciate it, too!

In other words, we focus on Making EVERYTHING Mean SOMETHING!

Leadership Background

Would it matter if we said our leadership team has nearly 80 combined years in the biz? Maybe. To us, what matters more is their vision, and how it applies to what lies ahead. For Dave Geile and Tim Leon it’s a mindset about evolution.

Dave and Tim have been at it since it was acceptable to wear a “leisure suit.” (Be sure to Google that.) But really, does it matter? You want to know what we can do for you today. And the answer is – a lot.

These guys began grinding when beepers were cool, offices had encyclopedias on bookshelves, telephones connected to a wall, and staffers wrote, yes wrote, on pads of paper. So, just like the industry we embrace, we too are ever-changing. And so is your business.

We Get It, So Let's Chat

Dave Geile

As Owner and Creative Director at Geile/Leon, Dave lives and breathes every aspect of creative development. From concepting and storyboards to the discovery of a headline that stands the test of time, it’s just what he does.

You can contact Dave at dave@geileon.com.

Tim Leon

As President and Brand Strategist at Geile/Leon, Tim thrives on brand discovery and development. For him, it’s all about finding that “unique claim of distinction” and conveying it through an actionable communications and marketing plan.

You can contact Tim at tim@geileon.com.

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