Everyone Watches Women’s Sports™. And That Includes Advertisers.

Melissa Ross
According to the NCAA, an estimated 60-100 million March Madness tournament brackets are filled out every year. And roughly 50 of those belong to our G/L tournament pool, G/L Ballers. Oh yes, we G/L-ers love a good NCAA tournament. The die-hard fans among us obsess over our picks, trying to predict the perfect bracket. While […]

The Value in Values: How Brand Loyalty is Changing

Jared Hogan
In 2024, we know consumers are demanding more from the brands they love than ever before. Not just in the products and services offered, or price points amid inflationary concerns, but in their willingness to take a firm stance on values-based issues — and to stick with it.  According to results from a recently released […]

There’s No Such Thing as a One-size-fits-all Budget

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
In life and in marketing, taking a shortcut rarely gets you where you really want to go. It’s that time of the year that many marketers are taking a hard look at their annual budget. Wouldn’t it be easy if there were some sort of definitive formula that could tell you exactly how to spend […]

Creating buzz-worthy PR

Terri Waters
Great Rivers Greenway, the public agency connecting the St. Louis region with paved walking and cycling paths, challenged Geile/Leon to generate publicity for its second annual Greenway Quest. This fun competition encourages people to get out on the greenways and hunt for hundreds of painted “bee” rocks hidden along the 135 miles of trails with a […]

Trend: Promoting successful female leaders for PR stories

Terri Waters
Although many women have successfully integrated into positions of power in the business world in recent decades, they’re still sorely underrepresented in management in certain industries. This lack of diversity is particularly noticeable in male-dominated fields like engineering, manufacturing, and skilled trades.  The good news is that we’re seeing a growing trend in trade publications […]

How Voice of Customer Research Helps You Develop Empathetic Marketing Campaigns

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
  You’re probably aware of what your customers want and how they feel. But do you truly understand them? In order to remain relevant, you need to listen to your customers and evaluate why they feel the way they do. This gives you an opportunity to truly connect with them and even increase your Return […]

Dynamic Branding: Refresh vs Rebrand

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
It’s important to remain relevant in this fast-moving world, especially as a brand. When your brand falls behind and loses its luster in the marketplace, it can quickly feel daunting and nearly impossible to catch up. Here at G/L, we want to help brands become dynamic so they are able to adapt and remain aligned […]