Terri Waters
Director of Public Relations

Trend: Promoting successful female leaders for PR stories

Although many women have successfully integrated into positions of power in the business world in recent decades, they’re still sorely underrepresented in management in certain industries. This lack of diversity is particularly noticeable in male-dominated fields like engineering, manufacturing, and skilled trades. 

The good news is that we’re seeing a growing trend in trade publications looking to feature female leaders and professionals. The story angle is often about what it’s like to be a woman in a predominantly male profession and how they make it work. 

We recently earned media coverage for two clients on this topic. Check out their stories!

  • Cheryl Marcum, VP of Marketing at Nidec Motor Corporation, reflects on her career and management philosophies in this feature story in Pumps and Systems 
  • Three women from Harris Products Group – Nancy Jo Loebker, Christen Foltz and Ira Copeland – talked to The ACHR News about how you can’t be timid in the HVAC field!

This type of PR effort not only promotes the client and their products but can also be leveraged in recruitment and hiring to show female prospects that women can and do succeed at their organization.