Melissa Ross
Digital Content Producer

Nonprofits Can Find Fundraising Dollars on Social Media

Social media is one of the most user-friendly means for marketing, especially for fundraising efforts of nonprofits and charities. In fact, 87% of nonprofits regularly use social media in their digital marketing and fundraising strategy according to Nonprofit Tech For Good. But some people working in this sector may not realize just how many tools there are in place on certain social media platforms that really aim at optimizing fundraising efforts. 

It’s important to note that only 53% of nonprofits utilize social media advertising. Today’s social media algorithms have significantly impacted organic reach. In all honesty, social media isn’t very effective for driving conversions without investing in advertising, especially when you’re targeting a specific niche audience. Everything is pay-to-play, and paying to display your fundraising efforts to your key audience really pays off. In fact, 67% of digital marketers either met their fundraising goals or exceeded them with Facebook Fundraising tools.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean nonprofits absolutely need to carve out a hefty ad budget for social media. Meta has expanded the tools available for nonprofits that use Facebook and/or Instagram to support fundraising initiatives. As of 2021, over $5 billion has been raised for nonprofits and personal causes through Facebook and Instagram fundraising tools! According to the Global Trends in Giving Report, 89% of users who donated through Facebook said they were likely to do it again. So it’s proven to be extremely effective.

Meta has separate landing pages for Facebook and Instagram that aim at educating users on what fundraising tools they offer. However, according to the 2023 Nonprofit For Good Report, these are the key techniques for raising money on Facebook and Instagram: 



Additionally, other platforms can also provide important opportunities for success. For example, although only 4% of nonprofits use Youtube Fundraising Tools, 76% of those that did raised an amount at or above what was expected. Because YouTube isn’t saturated with this type of content, it could provide a great opportunity to stand out and take advantage of these underutilized tools. 

Whatever techniques you try, make sure you build a solid strategy that will provide a foundation on which you will take your social media fundraising efforts. Of course, we would love to help! Get in touch and we’ll create a strategy tailored for your unique needs.