WashU Olin Business School

Leadership Perspectives YouTube Video Campaigns


WashU Olin is one of the premier, top-ranked business schools in the world. As with many organizations in 2020, WashU Olin had to take a look at their Leadership Perspectives event operating procedures and determine the best and safest approach for their intended audiences- potential MBA students and candidates. The Leadership Perspectives events are speaking engagements focused on a variety of leadership-oriented topics, hosted by some of the best and brightest leaders in the world.


In order to accommodate a new approach, the Leadership Perspectives events needed to go virtual. While in-person events offered a great way for speakers to interact with attendees, the virtual approach opened an entirely new channel to reach and engage with prospective students/attendees by catering relevant content directly to them.


Requiring a new way to market and promote the Leadership Perspectives event, G/L developed and created a series of YouTube video campaigns for each unique virtual speaking engagement. Utilizing behavioral and content targeting parameters, our YouTube video campaigns engaged with prospective MBA students with Google’s unique Tease, Amplify & Echo messaging approach, enabling us to tell a longer story in shorter pieces and reach only the most interested viewers. G/L concepted, developed scripts and created a series of :06 bumpers, :15 spots, :30 spots and long-format spots (1-2 minutes). All four campaigns were exceptionally effective and not only fostered a large attendance, but ultimately developed numerous leads for prospective MBA candidates. The highly targeted YouTube campaigns generated a 12.23% conversion to registration rate, ultimately accounting for 21% of the total number of attendees at the Leadership Perspectives speaking engagements.


All three campaigns (the fourth and final is in progress) have been highly effective and not only fostered a large attendance, but ultimately developed numerous leads for prospective MBA candidates.

Ranken Enrollment Campaign


Ranken Technical College approached Geile/Leon to support its Spring 2023 enrollment period by strategizing and managing a paid social media effort to promote their Bachelor of Science in Applied Management program, active duty military and veteran recruitment, and a new location in Troy, MO. The goals were to not only increase awareness, but also to generate leads and online conversions through application submissions and information inquiries. The campaigns would run for a 12-week period, beginning in November 2022 and ending in February 2023.

Ranken Enrollment Campaign Social Ads


G/L developed a paid social media strategy for Facebook and Instagram with two phases: awareness and conversion. During the awareness phase, we utilized broad audience targeting to reach a large pool of potential enrollment prospects. Interested users visited different website pages for more information about each specific initiative. Due to our relatively short campaign time frame, we ran this phase for eight weeks to maximize exposure for each audience before moving them through the funnel towards conversion.

During the conversion phase, we retargeted users who had previously clicked the awareness ads. To accelerate lead generation during this phase’s two-week window, we implemented Lead Form Ads so users could fill out simple, on-platform questionnaires that pre-qualified them as enrollment leads.

Ranken Enrollment Campaign Digital Ads


During the awareness phase, the three campaigns combined reached half a million targeted users and achieved an overall click-through rate of 0.96%, exceeding the industry’s 0.47-0.73% benchmark. During the conversion phase, the campaigns generated an overall conversion rate of 20.8% (exceeding the industry’s 11-14% benchmark) and an average of nearly 10 Lead Form Ad submissions per day. Because the Lead Form Ads were connected to Ranken’s CRM, these form submissions were automatically funneled to Ranken so they can be utilized for continued follow-up and monitoring into the future.

Grant’s Farm Holiday Lights 2021

Holiday Lights 2021 Lockup


Grant’s Farm hosted its second annual Holiday Lights Drive-Thru event from November 2021 through January 2022. This holiday lights display is an evening event open to the public and offers the chance to experience one of St. Louis’ beloved attractions, all a glow in holiday cheer. In 2021, Grant’s Farm added an exciting new addition to the Holiday Lights event: the Busch Family Estate House—this presented a unique experience that has never before been offered to guests of Grant’s Farm.

Grant’s Farm engaged Geile/Leon to develop a marketing and media strategy in support of Holiday Lights that would address brand and operational objectives including expanded awareness of the event amongst targeted audiences, promotion of the new event offerings (earlier start date, new decor, increased capacity, dynamic pricing, bundle offers, and the addition of the Busch Family Estate House), continued communication around the Busch Family Ownership Group’s commitment to sharing their family home, and increased ticket sales/reservations compared to the 2020 event.

Holiday Lights 2021 Social Media


Geile/Leon created an integrated marketing campaign targeted locally within the St. Louis DMA. The campaign incorporated the use of public relations to generate earned media around the event, email marketing to the existing guest database, paid and organic social media on Facebook and Instagram to drive online bookings, and broadcast radio advertising to generated heightened awareness leading up to the launch of the event.

Geile/Leon developed the content, messaging, and creative assets for each channel, which featured fun, holiday-themed visuals and messaging points that also integrated a style and tone that aligned with the overall Grant’s Farm brand. In addition, our team was responsible for campaign implementation and ongoing performance reporting throughout the Holiday Lights event.

Holiday Lights 2021 PR Stories


The 2021 Grant’s Farm Holiday Lights event was a great success, achieving a 28% increase in attendance and revenue compared to the 2020 event. A guest survey incorporated into the booking process showed that the majority of ticket purchases were driven by Facebook—this channel alone generated nearly 30% of all reservations.

Lindenwood University

Digital Management


Lindenwood determined that the students most likely to choose Lindenwood were most strongly influenced by the opportunity to gain real-world experience. Lindenwood developed the “Real Experience. Real Success.” tagline and challenged G/L to bring the brand to life through a new viewbook. Additionally, with the digital space being the primary resource of research and decision-making for incoming students, Lindenwood University enlisted the help of G/L to develop and manage all of Lindenwood’s digital strategies, campaigns and initiatives.


Geile/Leon concepted and designed creative executions and deployed a variety of digital campaigns and strategies to support system objectives across graduate, undergraduate and online programs. As the digital agency of record, we have recommended and utilized a variety of effective digital mediums through Google’s comprehensive and industry-leading ad network. Specific platforms include Paid Search, Retargeting, Display and YouTube. Additionally, working with the Lindenwood IT department we designed and executed an optimized landing page experience for their graduate program offerings.


Lindenwood University has entrusted Geile/Leon with management of their integrated digital strategy for the past five years. Our campaigns have been extremely productive, performing significantly better than industry/category benchmarks.