Clayco — Beyond these Walls


Clayco — a full-service national real estate, architecture, engineering, design-build and construction firm, challenged Geile/Leon to rebrand its corporate identity to reflect the company’s holistic approach to creating buildings that have an impact beyond the physical structure.


Geile/Leon developed the “Beyond These Walls” brand campaign focused on the company’s forward-thinking passion to deliver
building solutions of the highest standard. Solutions that reach far beyond the walls they build — solutions with a cure, a scientific
breakthrough, a cleaner world and a better future. The “Beyond These Walls” creative and messaging launched the refreshed
Clayco brand and extended it across the web, collateral, building/project signage and advertising. In addition, an internal
campaign was launched to communicate the Clayco brand promise through the development of a company mantra and office wall art.


Our client said it best:

“The G/L team played a key role in helping Clayco launch its brand nationally. Their work truly captured our vision
and helped to differentiate the brand in a compelling and memorable way.  Their team was very responsive throughout
the engagement and brought an energy and enthusiasm that made them a joy to work with.”

—Sarah Green,
Executive Director of Communications and Marketing, Clayco

Harris Perfect Flame™


When Harris Products Group developed the Perfect Flame™, they created a production brazing system that revolutionized the industry. Now, for the first time ever, manufacturers have a precise method to control the flame. With a library of up to 100 sharable presets, production engineers can standardize handheld production brazing performance throughout their organization. And it captures important data, which contributes to OEM’s continuous improvement goals. As part of our strategy to introduce this new technology to the market, we set out to educate the industry on the benefits of investing in the Perfect Flame™.


In order to introduce the Perfect Flame™, we began by branding the industry-leading technology that powers the machine: ViziBraze™. It monitors and reports many important statistics to help managers and operators better control their performance. This was the first time in the history of brazing that end-use customers could ever enjoy this type of real-time data.

We then worked with Harris to coordinate the product launch at the largest international trade show, where we could attract production engineers, plant managers and brazing operation managers to the booth. We targeted a very niche market that represents a huge sales volume: OEM refrigeration coil manufacturers. Building up to the launch, we created a teaser video that showed a practical demonstration and benefit-driven illustration of this all-new ViziBraze™ technology. We then used this to induce them to visit the Harris booth to learn more about the Perfect Flame™, where we displayed the video on a large screen.

Perfect Flame Brochure

We fortified our pre-release awareness strategy by promoting news stories to trade publications while Harris developed an email campaign using the graphics and messaging that we created for the communications strategy. In conjunction with these efforts, we built a microsite, which featured an introductory promotional video that helped support these efforts. Not only could salespeople use this to help secure sales meetings, but it also featured a ViziBraze™ login so production managers could log in to access and analyze their data. When plant managers could see how valuable this data was, they would be encouraged to further implement it at every one of their plants throughout the world.

Once salespeople secured a meeting, they could utilize a brochure that we developed to support their efforts during the sales presentation along with a customizable presentation that featured the same graphic elements. Finally, Harris is dedicated to supporting their customers after making a sale, so we created an instructional video that would aid in adapting to this new technology. That enabled a shorter learning curve for the end user for both brazing and utilizing the data in their ViziBraze™ portal.


Harris Products Group enjoyed a highly successful launch, which began with high traffic from engineers at their booth. In fact, it was the most traffic that they had ever seen. The Perfect Flame™ is a big part of Harris’ strategy of working together with their customers to enable a new level of success. Their clients have achieved better control over their operations, a higher level of standardization in their manufacturing, a greater level of first-pass yield and consistency throughout all plants worldwide. It has directly led to Harris landing some very large consumable contracts, which was the primary goal of the Perfect Flame™ launch.

Club Fitness: Lift Local


As the fitness category continues to become even more saturated, Club Fitness challenged Geile/Leon to develop a unique campaign concept to truly separate them from both national competitors located in the St. Louis region and other local fitness centers. Building on the Club Fitness brand promise of making fitness accessible to every BODY in the region, no matter who they are or what their goals, we sought to increase member retention and increase new member registrations.

Club Fitness Lift Local billboard


Geile/Leon developed the Lift Local campaign using a strategy based on their unique selling proposition–Club Fitness was born and raised in St. Louis, not to mention locally and employee-owned for over 35 years. This campaign would be a rallying cry of St. Louis pride, encouraging the community to Lift Local. By highlighting members all over the region, Club Fitness demonstrated they are a place where every BODY comes together to support each other. It provided numerous opportunities for joint promotions with likeminded St. Louis companies, organizations and events.

Club Fitness Lift Local banners


The “Lift Local” campaign launched in January 2019, and the movement has contributed to many “local” conversations across all Club Fitness social media platforms and has seen great support from many of its members and employees alike. And, Club Fitness has seen its membership grow 5.5% from 2018 through 2019—great news in such a crowded category!


Diversity & Inclusion Innitiative


For over 25 years, Clayco has the most comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) program in the industry by creating meaningful opportunity and enduring structural change for their employees, minority-owned and women-owned business partners, and the communities where they live and work. However, these initiatives needed to be unified under one brand umbrella. Clayco challenged Geile/Leon to “package” all of their separate D&I initiatives under one new theme and provide a new name for this ongoing initiative. After Clayco selected a name and theme, G/L developed a logo and key messaging that would be used as a foundation for all internal and external communications for this unified initiative.


Geile/Leon developed a new initiative name and tagline, “Clayco Rising, People Above All Else” along with a comprehensive rationale for this theme. Clayco Rising communicates creating opportunities, leveraging vast resources and strong partnerships to lift up others – breaking through barriers of income, race, sexual orientation and gender. This initiative’s new logo and rationale invite others in the industry to join our efforts and bring positive change in the industry.


The new logo uses the upward movement of lines to demonstrate employees’ career path trajectory at Clayco, with primary and secondary colors from Clayco’s brand guidelines. The typography used connects to the linework of the symbol to provide a “foundation” for this lockup.

key messaging

GOING BEYOND WHAT’S EXPECTED — Clayco has built the most comprehensive diversity and inclusion program in the industry – Clayco Rising. It is designed to create meaningful opportunity for our employees, our minority and women-owned business partners and people within the communities we serve. Together, we are breaking through barriers of income, race, sexual orientation and gender. We will rise above to bring positive change within our industry by building a diverse, respectful and safe workplace for all.


The “Clayco Rising” initiative was launched externally in December 2020 through a new website, trade and business print ads, and additional collateral material. As they’ve done for more than 25 years, Clayco continues to drive real positive change and build a safe, equitable and diverse workplace for all.