Video Strategy Predictions for 2022

Randy Micheletti
VP, Director of Brand Strategy

Video Strategy Predictions for 2022

I’m sure you’re out there. Still uncertain if video content will benefit your company so you keep putting it off. You’ll get to it later…well, guess what? You’re losing out right now. Those that doubled down on video in 2021 are for sure seeing the benefits. 

Companies that are proactively using video to keep their customers connected and engaged are winning in 2022. But like all things, video continues to advance. Taking your video strategy from reactive to proactive will ensure your content and experiences are taken to the next level, according to Socialive founder and CEO David Moricca.  

In addition to this strategy shift, here are a few more predictions that are definitely worth exploring.

Be your own content distribution company

While virtual events were hot from 2020-2021, we’re now heading in a different direction. In 2022, we’ll be moving from large-scale virtual conferences to shorter-form, video-content-driven experiences. These condensed videos will allow you to use on your own channels, are easier to measure engagement, and push leads through your digital marketing funnel. Gone are the days of sending audiences to third-party platforms.

Shoppable videos are hot

Driving sales through social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook has become impactful. The “shoppable video” is quickly becoming mainstream, and companies should include this in their video and e-commerce initiatives.

The “do it yourselfers” will emerge

As technology enables more people to create and distribute video content themselves, we will see the emergence of more people and companies producing video on their own. While the real estate, financial services, and travel and hospitality industries have dabbled in video content usage in the past, 2022 will be marked by a better ability to scale video creation as a new standard for engaging with their audiences.

Crowdsourced, peer-based learning will become the standard

As many companies struggle with employee retention and engagement, businesses are forced to find better ways to document and distribute knowledge to their workforce. Employees learn best from their peers because they can relate to them. As a result, training videos or written content will be heavily crowdsourced from their peers’ direct experiences in order to most effectively learn the on-the-job skills required for their positions.

Speed to market will continue to increase

As brands continue to embrace a digital-first approach to reaching customers, the speed with which marketers must respond to trending online topics keeps getting faster. When more companies begin adopting this approach, the demand will skyrocket for video content creation tools that enable marketers to more rapidly create a constant stream of fresh assets.

At Geile/Leon Content Studios, we understand how to concept and produce video content and how to use it throughout the funnel to engage your customers. If you’re in need of assistance with any video content we’d love to assist. If you’d like to talk or see samples of our videos, please reach out. We can definitely help.

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A Video Strategy for Every Phase of the Funnel

Melissa Ross
Digital Content Producer

A Video Strategy for Every Phase of the Funnel

Why video?

It’s a known fact. The play button has become the most compelling digital call-to-action. In the past, video was used as a supporting element in digital marketing campaigns, but within the past five years, that notion began changing, and now video lead generation campaigns can be more powerful and effective than other marketing methods that don’t involve an interactive element.

Studies show that video messages are processed by the human brain 60,000 times faster than just text, the reason being that videos incorporate verbal AND non-verbal communication channels. That means that the viewer is able to pick up on tone of voice, body language, and other visual clues to be able to interpret the information being presented.

In return, videos have a higher level of engagement, thus providing better returns. According to Disruptive Advertising, videos are believed to have 120% more shares than text and images. Therefore (and not surprising), nearly 25% of all the ads you see online have a video component.

Which videos boost lead generation campaigns the most?

When companies are faced with the fact that videos are 12 times more likely to be watched than text is to be read, the question changes from being “Should we use video?” to “What kind of video should we use?” And we’re here to tell you that that question depends on your goals.

At Geile/Leon, we begin every project by working backwards from the client’s goals, and then collaborate on what kind of marketing efforts will support and attain those goals. When we’re looking at video marketing, the same is true. First, you must establish where in the sales funnel you want to reach your consumers.

Geile/Leon’s Video Funnel

If your goal is gaining website traffic, you’ll be speaking to users that most likely have just started their search for your product or services. Just like with blog content, keyword and topic research is important in identifying trends that captivate the right audience and choosing your video subject. Types of videos that speak to the top of the funnel are more than about spreading brand awareness – they must engage your buyer persona and answer any questions they may have. A great place to start could be:

  • An explainer video
  • A whiteboard series

A top-of-the-funnel video must be short and aid in the viewer’s research, which will ultimately position you as a relevant source of information when it comes to interacting with your brand further. Less than a minute is the average video length for spreading brand awareness.

If your goal is to convert leads, then we know you’re speaking to users in the mid-funnel range. Using the following types of videos will help build your brand trust up between your company and the customer:

  • Webinars
  • How-To’s
  • Content Promo
  • Product Demo

Webinars and how-to’s are a great way to convert leads because they can cover a broad range of topics in great depth and provide clear instructions on overcoming a specific challenge, offering the viewer a reason to return to your site for your valuable insight. With promo videos, establishing the viewer’s pain points and how your product or services can resolve them can create a sense of urgency and need for what you’re promoting. 1-3 minutes is a typical video length when users are in the consideration phase, as your videos will need to contain a little more information and provide value.

When you’re searching to close those engaged leads, then we know you’re speaking to those at the very bottom of the funnel. Viewers want to be reassured that you are the best choice. But why would they take your word for it – you have skin in the game. Let your past and current loyal customers talk for you by using testimonial and case study videos. Not only do these types of videos showcase your company’s value through genuine examples, but it attaches a positive personal story to your product or services, which is arguably the best form of advertising. Videos in this stage should be less than two minutes, since the information contained within them are directly telling the viewer what you want them to do and why.

Importance of having a strong CTA

In today’s muddied digital space, it’s not enough to just create engaging video content – the viewer needs to think about the video even after it’s over. That’s why at a strategic point in the video or even afterward, you need to create a clear call-to-action. Whether it’s asking users to check out your related content or driving them to buy a product will depend on what stage in the funnel you are speaking to.

No matter if you’re marketing to consumers or even to other businesses, video marketing’s effectiveness in lead generation is prevalent. Agencies like us understand the importance of video marketing to influence buying decisions and have made it an essential part of our digital service offerings. Recently, we’ve taken our 30 years of commercial and digital video experience completely in-house, cutting the project timeline, communication gaps, and keeping the cost down for our clients. Introducing, G/L Video Content Studios!

If you’re looking to attract high quality leads to improve your conversion rates and provide great returns on your online investments, let’s talk.