Tim Leon
President/Brand Strategist

The Hell With Extension, Put Digital Media Advertising First

Strategy and Planning to Digital Media Advertising

We conducted a webinar this past week for clients, entitled A Strategic Approach to Digital Media. We included our strategic partner, Goodway Group, in the presentation. It was a successful webinar and it got me thinking about the predictive nature of planning and buying digital media advertising.

Digital Media Advertising
PointRoll developed a helpful infographic showing the evolution of digital advertising.

With the tracking software and tools available today, information about consumers’ online media habits and interests, among other characteristics, are readily accessible to marketers. This information includes the best time of day to serve up digital ads, certain days of the week that the consumer is more likely to be online, frequency of which customer needs to be exposed to ad before taking action and even more.

Taking Advantage of Digital Media Advertising Opportunities

To target prospects, Goodway Group uses a real-time bidding model that serves advertising based on existing consumer data as well as online habits. Instead of buying digital inventory beforehand from media partners with the hopes of reaching the right target audience, Goodway segments audiences and places media where the target is. There’s no guessing game, just getting your message in front of the right people. Digital advertising is then placed/served through behavior targeting, contextual targeting, search retargeting, and more.

In the big scheme of things, I can’t think of a campaign we are working on that DOESN’T have the need for a digital advertising component; the challenge is we can sometimes back ourselves into thinking of digital as only an extension of a campaign. The hell with extension, putting digital first in planning is the key to making digital media advertising a reality in your next integrated marketing communications campaign.

The Impact of Digital Media Advertising

We are seeing digital media advertising everywhere. Consider these facts from the Advertising Age Marketing Fact Pack 2015. Digital advertising was the fastest growing ad medium in 2014 with 18.4% growth. People spend more time on the Internet than watching TV (273 minutes per day for TV vs. 346 minutes for internet). It’s no coincidence, heh?

We partnered with Goodway Group and held our webinar to display our commitment to digital media. Are you interested in learning more about what we do, or what digital media advertising can do? Download your own copy of our Webinar Presentation!

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