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Trending Now from G/L: The Driverless Car, Seamless Computing, Mobile-Friendly SEO Rates and more


Every Monday the G/L office starts our week by meeting together and updating everyone on new business, old business, this week’s needs, last week’s successes, all the good stuff. We always take time at the end of these meetings to discuss what is trending now in our marketing and design world. We decided that what we talk about isn’t only beneficial to us, but to our clients and followers – so every other Monday morning we share our favorite trends with you.


We had a lot to talk about including: #RaceTogether issue (an opposing side of last week’s topic about marketing happiness), reflective spray paint, the Neptune Hub, the driverless car, bucket boards and Google algorithms. Normally we talk about our top three favorite trends that were shared, but today there were just too many good ones to not share all of them.


Last week we discussed how brands are marketing happiness to millennials, this week we talked about a theory showing that some brands, specifically Starbucks in this case, have lost sight of their identity as a brand and have started thinking about their identity as a persona. Is this a problem? Well, considering the #RaceTogether campaign caused a significant amount of controversy, it could be seen as a problem.

Read more from the opinionated piece here.


Volvo is paying attention to bicyclist safety on the roads; they partnered with design firm Grey London and Albedo100 to create a reflective spray paint that is only visible at night when light hits it. Volvo committed itself to safer roads for drivers and bicyclists and one of the solutions is this temporary spray paint. This is a good example of a brand working to support a relevant cause.

Read the full article here.


The upcoming technological trends are incredibly exciting. First we have the Neptune Hub. This would be a dream for the business world. The Neptune Hub has a wearable technology that is the center for all data, and all the other pieces such as a phone, computer or tablet are just “peripherals” meaning that they don’t actually store the data but they just display the data you have on your hub on a different screen. This is huge for data security but also cost. Screens that are meant only for display are much cheaper because they wouldn’t be programmed with all the data and security. This is referred to as seamless computing, and Neptune isn’t the only one working on the technology, Microsoft, Intel and others have protocols created or in the works too.

Read the full analysis here.

The second trend we had to talk about is the Mercedes F 015 – the driverless car. We watched in awe at the sneak peak of this driverless concept car where Mercedes turns a vehicle into a shares social space.

“It’s every bit of every future movie you’ve ever seen.” – Dave Geile

Read the full article here.


Here at G/L we are all about the #MIMS (Make It Mean Something), so when we see design with a purpose, its hard NOT to brag about it. Last week we saw web design to help save animals on the verge of extinction, today we looked at workmanship that can help reduce landfill waste AND provide people in need with an item at no cost – this is The Bucket Board, made from trash.

Read about The Bucket Board and see a video featuring the artists behind the creation here.


As a branding and design agency, we deal a lot with websites. We work on wireframes, web design, brand awareness and search engine optimization. Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm impacts all of those aspects behind our client work. Google will label your website mobile-friendly and will then use that label to determine your site rank in search results. We also learned there is a way to test your website to see just how mobile-friendly you are, you can find the tool here. This is huge for search engine optimization and visibility of businesses. We will be encouraging all of our clients to create mobile-friendly sites (if they haven’t already) because there will be a significant impact in visibility and ultimately business.

Read the full article here.

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