Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

Club Fitness Is Off To A Running Start In 2018

Our client, Club Fitness, has a New Year’s resolution that they’re sticking to and it’s paying off—they’re “The Right Fit for Every BODY.” Club Fitness is the regional fitness club where every BODY can join, feel comfortable and confident in their individual abilities and have access to all of the services and equipment they need to reach their personal goals—all at a great value. And, what a month they had in January—they surpassed their goals with an all time record month!

So how do we define every BODY to Club Fitness customers? It means Club Fitness fits:

  • Every budget
  • Every body type—no matter the shape or size, age or fitness level
  • Every schedule—24 locations near work or home
  • Every workout style—free weights, classes or cardio
  • Every individual’s goals—whether it’s better physical health, weight loss, mental/emotional break, sports training or competition

G/L used a combination of television and radio to bring the campaign to life, with the ultimate goal of driving better retention against current members and increasing Club Fitness’ new member base. The overall brand message encompassed the total value of being “The Right Fit for Every BODY.”

2017 was a great year for Club Fitness and they’re off to a record start in 2018. See more Club Fitness work here.