Ben Schwab
Creative Director

Trending from G/L: All’s Whale at IKEA

A popular story passing through the news cycle earlier this month detailed the failed rescue of a pilot whale near the Thai-Malaysian border. The animal was spotted struggling to breathe and swim on its own. A rescue attempt was performed, but ultimately, they were unable to save the whale. A following necropsy would reveal that the creature carried a gut-blocking count of 80 plastic bags in its stomach.

This story is the latest in a series of reports documenting sea creatures that have been discovered off of the globe’s shorelines, having eaten multitudes of waste. And while each case is shocking and may feel like an anomaly, they have only been increasing in frequency. Overall it is projected that roughly 18 million pounds of plastic waste is deposited into the world’s oceans each year.

In reaction to this incident, the Thai government has considered placing a tax on all single-use plastic bags. But it’s not just governments that are leaping to immediate action on the issue. Following this story, Ikea voiced its growing concern with the issue and created a plan to take action.

Ikea is not only phasing out all of their single-use plastic products, such as plastic straws, plates, cups, freezer bags, bin bags and more by 2020, they’re also aiding consumers to live more sustainably. A series of investments and projects that include a plastics recycling plant, windfarms, and the development of new products such as faucet tap nozzles, solar panels and vegetarian options in their cafes, all contribute to the first steps of their initiative.

Great brands have the ability to do great things – and IKEA is a shining example. Work like this will positively impact IKEA’s image and standing among every audience well into the future – a future that they’re helping to ensure is prosperous for everyone. Here at G/L we appreciate the brands and organizations that do the right thing for right reasons, and are honored to work with them to tell their story.

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