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Nidec Motor Corporation featured in The NY Times

Exciting news for Geile/Leon Marketing Communications PR client, Nidec Motor Corporation! The industry leader is prominently featured in The New York Times “Wheels” blog by engineering writer Tudor Van Hampton. G/L’s PR team has collaborated with Van Hampton in past stories for other clients over the years. The focus of the piece, For E.V.’s and Hybrids, a Free-Spinning Alternative to Rare Earths, recognizes Nidec’s leadership in an emerging technology called switched reluctance and the developing market for the technology in hybrid cars for the future.

This is an excerpt from the blog: “Essentially, you can get the same type of performance without needing to use rare-earth magnets,” said Scott Nieberle, a vice president at Nidec Motor Corporation, a switched-reluctance motor manufacturer based in St. Louis… Nidec Corporation, the Japan-based parent of Nidec Motor, owns nearly 500 patents in this area and has motors running on industrial machines worldwide. The company hopes to boost its presence in the hybrid automotive space, and claims it would not take much to make these motors cost-competitive with higher-volume magnet motors.”