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30 Years, Countless Beers: How we’re making our anniversary mean something

Every day, Geile/Leon strives to “Make It Mean Something.” No matter the client, the product or the medium, making it mean something is about telling a story and giving an audience a reason to care.

In 2019, our business turns 30 years old. As we look back on our story to date, we find it important to not just tell it, but, as always, to make it mean something. This yearlong celebration is about cherishing the relationships we’ve made, reflecting on the lessons we’ve learned, showcasing the people who have made it all possible, and giving back to the city we call home. After all, 30 years isn’t just a number. 30 years is the story of the Geile/Leon family that has brought so many people together, and it’s a story that we believe everyone – no matter their industry or profession – can learn from and enjoy.

Throughout 2019, we’ll be reliving our greatest triumphs, laughing about our craziest memories, and sharing our best advice – all right here on this blog and on our social channels. (Editor’s note: Now might a good time to go ahead and plug our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow us if you don’t already!) In addition, we’ll be doing 30 Acts Of Kindness, as our employees find 30 opportunities to volunteer, give back, and improve our community… more on that in a future blog!

We hope that you’ll enjoy this anniversary celebration as much as us, and we invite you to share any memories or stories that you have from over the years with us using the hashtag #Geil30n! In the meantime, keep an eye on this blog and our social channels – the fun is just about to get started!

30 Years, Countless Beers: How we’re making our anniversary mean something