Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

Federal Railroad Administration Conference

Last week, Geile/Leon President Tim Leon attended the Federal Railroad Administration’s Grade Crossing Research Needs Workshop held in downtown St. Louis. The workshop focused on issues regarding rail safety, including engineering and technology, enforcement, community outreach and education, hazard management, and human factors. The workshop brought together state, federal, and international experts to prioritize specific research needs related to grade crossing safety.Crossing incidents are the second leading cause of rail-related deaths in the United States, which is why rail safety awareness and education are so important to the safety of our communities. Tim helped brainstorm the expanding role digital media can play in community outreach and education surrounding railroad safety. It was a very productive session attended by thought leaders from all facets of the industry.

Tom Lange, our Union Pacific client, was a guest speaker at the workshop. Tom discussed the innovative methods Union Pacific Railroad has implemented to successfully reach targeted audiences with its rail safety message. One of these initiatives included “Your Life is Worth the Wait”, a fully-integrated digital marketing campaign featuring impactful creative that G/L was thrilled to help Union Pacific create. See some of the work below: