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Dec 29, 2017

Trending from G/L: Google’s “Year In Search”

Geile/Leon Trends

Google recently released its annual, “Year in Search,” which compiled lists of most trending search queries and topics over the course of the year. Top global searches (also broken down by individual country) for 2017 included Hurricane Irma, iPhone X,  prominent figures, widely reported elections, and popular memes. Included with these top-ranking searches, and perhaps most striking, was Google’s powerful and …

Nov 21, 2017

God Save the ‘Zine! – Are Alumni Magazines A Thing Of the Past?

Geile/Leon General

Is your University looking for a way to cut costs in the budget for branding, marketing and enrollment management? Most likely, the printed Alumni Magazine has been threatened with the chopping block a number of times. Your line of thinking probably goes as follows: What contact points have the most value for our marketing? What is the return on investment …

Oct 31, 2017

Trending from G/L: Mars Commercials From Another Ad Planet

Geile/Leon Creative, Trending Now, Trends

The relationship between marketing and entertainment is a long and storied tale of product placements, sponsorships and the like. It’s made the journey from subtle positioning in the background of a movie scene to TV episodes in popular shows that center around a corporate product. And of course, has anything really come full circle until it authentically and hilariously parodies itself? …

Oct 19, 2017

Branding Your Environment

Geile/Leon General

Our client, St. Louis Science Center, recently won the St. Louis Business Journal’s 2017 Building St. Louis award for the GROW exhibit outdoor Gallery. The award recognizes and honors projects that have created a positive community impact. We were thrilled to be mentioned in their FACEBOOK post along with exhibit and construction contractors Arcturis, Gyroscope Inc., Interface Construction Corporation, and …

Oct 03, 2017

The Role of Modern Agencies for CMOs and ROI

Geile/Leon Full Funnel Marketing, G/L Approach

In the life of a CMO, addressing consumer “pain points” is among the most thought and talked about of day-to-day responsibilities. CMOs are being challenged to have their finger on the pulse of the customer. But, who’s looking out for the pain points of CMOs themselves? That’s the role that forward-thinking agencies need to assume in the modern age of …