Top G/L Tips: Tim Leon on Brand Refresh benefits

Tim Leon
Brand refresh exercises are growing in popularity among internal marketing managers.

Top G/L Tips: Mary Sawyer on Trade Shows

Mary Sawyer
Getting the best media coverage from a trade show may take some extra planning, but it's worth it.

Top G/L Tips: Randy Micheletti on New Product Launches

Randy Micheletti
New Product Launches are an exciting time for a company - especially when they're done right.

Winning Habits of B2B Brands

Dave Geile
A recent Buyersphere Report cited several of the strongest attributes of B2B brands that win business and why customers choose them including awareness, location, the human touch and more.

What the Evolving B2B Purchasing Process Means

Tim Leon
Whether it's C-level, the marketing department folks or a consultant for the job; the point is that B2B marketers and advertisers need to appeal to the motivation of the respective person and their job title.

Real Price Transparency in Healthcare – I’ve seen it!

Tim Leon
There’s a tremendous opportunity to make price transparency real for patients and offer valuable information that helps them make informed healthcare decisions.

Giving back with Children’s Home Society

Tim Leon
We're thankful for everything Children's Home Society does to provide children a better foundation, a better life, and a better future.

Trending from G/L: New Color Insights…by listening?

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Technology is changing people’s lives and becoming apart of them—literally in this colorful case.

Trending from G/L: Are Facebook’s Office Perks the Height of Company Culture?

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Not every company out there can afford Facebook-esque luxuries for their employees, but there are small things that can build culture.

Find Your Why: Make It Mean Something

Tim Leon
G/L believes that every organization has a deeper purpose and it’s the agency’s role to help those clients discover it.