Clayco: A Unique Brand of Architecture

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Every once in a while, a certain kind of client comes along. A client you have a personal affinity for will make its way into your agency’s world, and you find yourself chomping at the bit to sink your creative teeth into that brand…to give it exactly the kind of sizzle you know it needs.

No thanks. Not interested.

Dan Diveley
What is the value of these four little words? I was asked to write a blog about something I know, or some point of view…anything that might educate, spark discussion or demonstrate G/L’s culture. Well, with my 25 years of experience on the front-end of ad agency business development, I thought I’d write about something […]

Making It Mean Something For 23 Years

Tim Leon
This past Saturday, November 3, marked 23 years in business for Geile/Leon Marketing Communications. We celebrated with employees on Friday with a lunch and a presentation from our management team titled, Make It Mean Something. 

The 2013 Media Marketplace—An Opinion

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Call me an optimist (or pessimist if you’re the one who has to buy media in a high demand marketplace), but my bet is that advertisers will encounter a rather robust 2013 marketplace, relative to recent non-election years. While I don’t have a crystal ball, there is a lot of recent news leading me to […]

You Can’t Win Without a Game Plan

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
What’s it like to develop a game plan for the new business year? Geile/Leon Director of Account Services, Miranda Warren, explains some helpful insight, tips and advice to setting the agenda and goals for the year around the corner. These words of wisdom go along way in creating a successful marketing and advertising plan that […]

Prufe Reeding

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
In just the last ten days, the topic of proofreading (or lack thereof) has surfaced over and over in my work and personal life. It has caused creative friends to lose assignments, clients to lose confidence and readers to lose the meaning of the written word. Proofreading is typically left until the last minute. It […]

G/L Voted Best-of-the-Best

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Hard work sometimes goes unnoticed. But sometimes, it has a way of coming back around. And we here at Geile/Leon are exceedingly honored and grateful to be chosen as “The Best Marketing Firm in St. Louis” by the business owners, entrepreneurs and readers of Small Business Monthly. The magazine’s Best in Business—Annual Business Owners’ Guide […]

Celebrity Spokesperson: Can they benefit the brand?

Tim Leon
With the popularity of branding today, the question becomes—can a celebrity spokesperson enhance brand image and positively predispose customers to the brand. There is no right or wrong answer here, but our belief is that you have to pick the right spokesperson. Here’s some insight on how to do just that!

It’s Not Creative for Creative Sake…for Cripsake!

Dave Geile
You’ve heard it before. “I love that spot”…”I hate that spot”…”that spot is so lame”…”that spot is brilliant.” Face it, creative is subjective. What appeals to one individual, may be rejected by another. This is especially hard when you are asked to do spec creative in a new business pitch, which we do very sparingly, […]

Why Is It So Damn Hard To Launch An Agency Website?

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
1. What was that saying about opinions? Simply put, it’s hard to find anyone at an agency who doesn’t have their own ideas/vision for how to get the new company website to make it rain 7 figure accounts. What’s most important? Well, ask an AE, a CD, or a DD, and I’ll bet the farm […]