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Apr 15, 2016

6 Steps to Building a Brand from the Inside Out

Tim Leon B2B, Branding, G/L Approach, Internal Communications

The success of a company depends on many factors — product development, sales, marketing, customer service and the retention of knowledgeable employees. However, that’s not all that goes into turning a profit. Often times companies still experience a downturn in business when they forget to consider one thing — internal branding. The following white paper examines how to develop a …

Inbound Marketing Checklist
Jan 11, 2016

A Step-by-Step Guide to implementing an Inbound Marketing Program


A good inbound marketing campaign can easily turn your brand’s website into a hub of relevant information, designed to keep your target audience coming back for more.

Jun 16, 2015

Your Digital Budget: How Much Interactive Do I Need? – A G/L Executive Brief

Geile/Leon Branding, Digital, G/L Approach, Integrated Marketing, Planning

Your digital advertising needs to be distinguished enough to roar through the preexisting myriad of digital noise. Is your digital budget ready?

Oct 03, 2014

Impactful Marketing Results From Targeted Customer Insights

Geile/Leon Branding, Inbound, Planning, Strategy

Is your marketing message falling flat? Give your target audience a personality to get better results. Many times, marketers shape their target audience(s) based on the common outline of age range, gender, income, job title, etc. But, this doesn’t paint a picture of who the target truly is. By doing this and understanding the daily lives of your consumer you’ll …

May 12, 2014

Healthcare Marketing Includes Understanding the Cares of Patients

Geile/Leon Branding, Digital, Integrated Marketing, Strategy

A SPECIAL REPORT FOR HEALTHCARE MARKETERS: Healthcare marketing professionals are missing the mark when it comes to messaging that resonates with consumers. Primary research, conducted by Geile/Leon, indicates that the messages healthcare organizations believe to be important are, in fact, irrelevant to the consumer. Download this white paper to … Gain accurate and granular visibility into your consumers’ wants and …