Power In Plain Sight Campaign


Horse owners often feed multiple kinds of supplements that all look the same in the bucket. Manna Pro wanted to introduce a new supplement to the market that had all of the nutritional aspects for performance, but with the appealing attributes of a treat. Two products were being introduced and needed marketing support: Replenish, a supplement designed to rehydrate your horse after a challenging workout, and Radiance, a supplement formulated to support a healthy coat and hooves. A key differentiator of these products is the unique shape of each supplement. After each feeding, these unique shapes easily indicate to the horse owner what their horse has or has not eaten.


Geile/Leon was challenged to create awareness and consideration of the new AccuBites supplement by developing a visual look/feel that incorporated brightness, high energy and vibrancy into the executions to cut through the clutter on crowded social media channels. Building off of the unique shapes of the supplement, G/L concepted and developed the “Power in Plain Sight” campaign, making it easy for consumers to see what makes AccuBites stand out from other supplements.


The AccuBites campaign is still underway, but so far it has been a top-performing campaign with a tremendous amount of shares and high engagement on social platforms. G/L is excited to support this successful launch and support Manna Pro’s sales objectives for the new product line.