2012 Quadrennial Effect = The perfect storm of marketing + media buying

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
The buzz this past December was all about the Quadrennial Effect of 2012. If you just said to yourself “Quad-a-what?” please proceed. The “Quadrennial Effect” references the perfect storm of events that occurs every four years: the Summer Olympic Games, the European Football Championship and the United States presidential and Congressional elections. Why is this […]

What Website Platform is Best for You?

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
So you’ve landed on the perfect design for your new website. You’re talking about development, launch dates, SEO, and now someone brings up the question, “How are we going to manage and update all of this once it’s up?” Choosing a content management system (CMS) can be a confusing process. With so many options out […]

Advertising in a Down Economy May Be Smarter Than you Think.

Ben Edmonson
At some point during a recession, every business’s advertising budget or marketing plan has had a setback—budgets cut, projects cancelled, creative direction changed, whatever. Sadly, usually the first thing to get cut during economic hardship is the advertising budget. The good news? There is a ton of factual info and insight to back up the […]

Selecting an Agency Doesn’t Have to Give You a Headache

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Recently, Harley Hammerman, CEO of Metro Imaging and Geile/Leon client, told the Business Journal that selecting an advertising agency to promote his business was a matter of relationships. A few days ago the ANA, the Association of National Advertisers, and 4A’s, The American Association of Advertising Agencies, published guidelines on how to conduct an agency search […]