Got big data? Now what?

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Collecting big data isn’t necessarily the challenge. How can we apply insight to the visitor data in order to tailor content and create conversions? Here are just a few tips to get you organized.

It’s Brandolicious

Tim Leon
I read an interesting article in the New York Times recently on the growing trend of marketers making up words of their own in place of real words. They’re disregarding all those great “real” words from the Webster College Dictionary (all 988,968 of them) and generating new, more interesting and memorable invented words in order […]

The Experience Approach

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
An ad grabs your attention, tells a story and truly makes a mark…in the ad industry, you respond with kudos to its creator and share it with your coworkers. You also have the strong possibility of reading an article about the ad’s accolades at some point in the year. But, while industry cred is always […]

Creating Relevant Content

Randy Micheletti
Your goal as a marketer should include the distribution of varying content across multiple media and platforms – or at least as your budget allows. You should make efficient and confident decisions that give consumers the opportunity to interact with your company, and eventually purchase your product or service. But…you can’t just push content for […]

Maintaining Your Marketing Plan

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Before we know it, the first quarter of 2014 will be behind us. Hopefully the annual marketing plan that was so carefully developed is being implemented, and so far, proving successful. Although, there’s one valuable aspect to remember – plans aren’t set in stone. While some initiatives prove to be as successful as you anticipated, […]

Take Your Marketing Plan a Step Further

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
By mid-November, chief marketing officers and their teams are deep in the trenches of planning for the upcoming year. They are evaluating successes, failures and opportunities for growth. Whether you’re just beginning or wrapping up, consider these few thoughts if you haven’t already.

Determining Your Twitter Identity in B2B

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
I recently came across a compelling article about when to use your individual Twitter account versus company account for B2B relationship building. There are a few takes on what approach is the most beneficial, but ultimately, it’s an individual choice. A choice that should be made after some serious consideration.

Why Your Top Performing Keyword is (Not Provided)

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
It’s time everyone learns what exactly the keyword “(not provided)” means when looking at your Google Analytics dashboard. On October 18, 2011, Google made an announcement to the public that they would begin making search more secure….for everyone else but the people of Google. Yes, that’s right. I said October 18, 2011…

The Likes and Dislikes of Going Viral

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
What do kittens, Rick Astley and a Korean pop star all have in common? Virality. This new term has been the holy grail for businesses and marketers ever since a dancing baby caught all of our attention back in 1996. But what is it exactly? Virality is when an ad or video gets liked and […]

Understand People & You’ll Understand Business

Tim Leon
A little over a week ago, a couple G/Lers and I attended an event at COCA (Center of Creative Arts) with world-renowned marketing and leadership thought leader, Simon Sinek. To my surprise, the discussion focused on a compelling topic separate from his book Start with Why. Sinek raised the question: What makes great leaders and […]