What the New Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Mean for Future of SEM

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
NEW CAPABILITIES, NEW LIMITATIONS OR BOTH? The easy answer … both. But following Google’s announcement about the new enhanced campaigns, the final answer can’t yet be determined. What’s my opinion? It’s going to take quite a bit of work for marketers and companies that are currently extensively active and efficiently optimized for all devices on […]

Has Note Taking Changed for the Better?

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
As an account executive, an important part of my job is being a “keeper of knowledge” and taking detailed notes, as well as tackling projects with clients and our internal team. So, when I came across a Harvard Business Review blog post about the inefficiencies of non-digital note taking it made me think, “what’s the […]

You Can’t Win Without a Game Plan

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
What’s it like to develop a game plan for the new business year? Geile/Leon Director of Account Services, Miranda Warren, explains some helpful insight, tips and advice to setting the agenda and goals for the year around the corner. These words of wisdom go along way in creating a successful marketing and advertising plan that […]

Prufe Reeding

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
In just the last ten days, the topic of proofreading (or lack thereof) has surfaced over and over in my work and personal life. It has caused creative friends to lose assignments, clients to lose confidence and readers to lose the meaning of the written word. Proofreading is typically left until the last minute. It […]

It’s Not Creative for Creative Sake…for Cripsake!

Dave Geile
You’ve heard it before. “I love that spot”…”I hate that spot”…”that spot is so lame”…”that spot is brilliant.” Face it, creative is subjective. What appeals to one individual, may be rejected by another. This is especially hard when you are asked to do spec creative in a new business pitch, which we do very sparingly, […]

Why Is It So Damn Hard To Launch An Agency Website?

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
1. What was that saying about opinions? Simply put, it’s hard to find anyone at an agency who doesn’t have their own ideas/vision for how to get the new company website to make it rain 7 figure accounts. What’s most important? Well, ask an AE, a CD, or a DD, and I’ll bet the farm […]

Social Media Forecast: 5 Predictions for 2012

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Just as businesses thought they had a handle on social media, the landscape continued to shift in 2011. Google+ was introduced, Facebook updated its functionality (once again), Twitter continued to grow as a promotion vehicle for brands, YouTube updated its image and a new player, Pinterest, joined the game.

What Website Platform is Best for You?

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
So you’ve landed on the perfect design for your new website. You’re talking about development, launch dates, SEO, and now someone brings up the question, “How are we going to manage and update all of this once it’s up?” Choosing a content management system (CMS) can be a confusing process. With so many options out […]

Selecting an Agency Doesn’t Have to Give You a Headache

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Recently, Harley Hammerman, CEO of Metro Imaging and Geile/Leon client, told the Business Journal that selecting an advertising agency to promote his business was a matter of relationships. A few days ago the ANA, the Association of National Advertisers, and 4A’s, The American Association of Advertising Agencies, published guidelines on how to conduct an agency search […]