Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

Got big data? Now what?

Big data is a term we hear from several clients. And to that, of course, I say, yes! – an established understanding of the need to collect data on potential leads. But collecting the data isn’t necessarily the challenge. How can we apply insight to the visitor data in order to tailor content and create conversions? Here are just a few tips to get you organized.

Keep Researching

Ideally you will have already established your ideal buyer persona. But if you have not, start piecing together the pain points of these individuals, their routines, online behaviors – even down to the timing they may engage online. From this comes a better idea of who is tapping into your resources and just how you can cater to them.


As prospective leads come in, consistently segment based on engagement, as well as the parameters above. Is there is a pattern in the kind of content that piques their interest? Are they reading blogs and white papers on branding? Inbound marketing? Are they liking Facebook posts pertaining to similar content? Start creating segments based on the information gathered.

Persona Tailored Content

As your leads are segmented, you’re able to tailor the content you’re delivering in order to maximize your lead conversion. Whether you’re sending a simple plain-text email including a relevant white paper, posting a blog chock full of long-tailed keywords or posting to Twitter at a time when engagement is up – you’re increasing the chances of delivering relevant content to leads for the most optimal outcome.