Why We’re Proud To Be An Idea Town

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
They say it isn’t over ‘til it’s over – and last night, the 2012-13 St. Louis ADDY Awards Ceremony wrapped up ADDY Week STL. (Not after #SNOmg, #Snowmageddon, #Snowpacalypse – however you described it – put a disastrous damper on last week But the closing of ADDY Week is always a bittersweet feeling, right? Another […]

What the New Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Mean for Future of SEM

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
NEW CAPABILITIES, NEW LIMITATIONS OR BOTH? The easy answer … both. But following Google’s announcement about the new enhanced campaigns, the final answer can’t yet be determined. What’s my opinion? It’s going to take quite a bit of work for marketers and companies that are currently extensively active and efficiently optimized for all devices on […]

You Can’t Win Without a Game Plan

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
What’s it like to develop a game plan for the new business year? Geile/Leon Director of Account Services, Miranda Warren, explains some helpful insight, tips and advice to setting the agenda and goals for the year around the corner. These words of wisdom go along way in creating a successful marketing and advertising plan that […]

G/L Voted Best-of-the-Best

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Hard work sometimes goes unnoticed. But sometimes, it has a way of coming back around. And we here at Geile/Leon are exceedingly honored and grateful to be chosen as “The Best Marketing Firm in St. Louis” by the business owners, entrepreneurs and readers of Small Business Monthly. The magazine’s Best in Business—Annual Business Owners’ Guide […]

Celebrity Spokesperson: Can they benefit the brand?

Tim Leon
With the popularity of branding today, the question becomes—can a celebrity spokesperson enhance brand image and positively predispose customers to the brand. There is no right or wrong answer here, but our belief is that you have to pick the right spokesperson. Here’s some insight on how to do just that!

It’s Not Creative for Creative Sake…for Cripsake!

Dave Geile
You’ve heard it before. “I love that spot”…”I hate that spot”…”that spot is so lame”…”that spot is brilliant.” Face it, creative is subjective. What appeals to one individual, may be rejected by another. This is especially hard when you are asked to do spec creative in a new business pitch, which we do very sparingly, […]

So, You Think Direct Mail Is Dead…Well You’re Dead Wrong.

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Guest Author & G/L partner: Maurice Parisien, Digital Intersection According to DMA 2011 Statistical Fact Book, a catalog lead costs $47.61, while email comes in at $53.85 per lead, and, what’s more, the response rate to direct mail has consistently been three times higher than email. Still not convinced direct mail is alive and kicking? […]

The Lake and Stars Campaign Takes Things Too Far…

Tim Leon
Call me a prude, but I’m really disgusted by the Lake And Stars lingerie ad campaign featuring a mom and daughter in sexually provocative poses…together! The Lake and Stars Fall/winter lingerie campaign broke this Fall and is getting some negative press, for good reason. Obviously appealing to a younger audience, it saddens me that they […]

Content is King: If it’s worthwhile to read, it’s worthwhile to click

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
With new algorithms constantly being generated by search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing everyday, generating new content has never ever been more critical to upping your website’s ranking on a search engine results page (SERP). Sure you can fire out a trillion spam messages all over the web, but don’t expect such an ill-inspired […]