The College Experience: Marketing Education to Millennials

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
The senior year of a high school student can be viewed as the most tumultuous time in a young person’s life, and for good reason. Everything that a student has been building towards for the past eighteen years of their life comes to fruition in a few short steps across a stage and a single […]

2015 Trend Sharing

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Every Monday after our weekly status meeting we have a trend update. G/Lers are encouraged to bring and share a trend with the group with the intention of starting some internal discussion and sparking an idea for a client. We share both macro and micro trends and people bring a variety of topics – design, technology, […]

Why Target Audiences Don’t Work

Randy Micheletti
As marketers, the common vernacular we use in marketing and advertising to designate the customer/prospect is “target audience.” It’s not a bad term and is well entrenched in marketing and media circles when defining who we are targeting with our advertising message. However, most target audience profiles just scratch the surface. For example targeting women […]

Example Personas to Improve Messaging

Tim Leon
Most marketers focus on traditional target audiences when creating advertising messages, which usually includes age range, gender, income, education level, etc. But, this information doesn’t outline who your target audience truly is. What happens day-to-day that impacts their job, what they buy and who they are as a person? Do they have kids? Are they taking […]

Creating Effective Healthcare Messaging

Dave Geile
Creating effective healthcare messaging starts with applying research findings and understanding the cares and concerns of the patients they treat.

Advertising Costs How Much?

Ben Edmonson
These days, companies are constantly looking for ways to streamline their business. Cutting costs, downsizing, upselling, “right-sizing”…it’s all part of the big picture. But, what is the big picture? For some, ROI comes to mind, but for others it’s a never-ending onslaught of concentrated marketing efforts to achieve goals. For startups and even established companies, […]

The Experience Approach

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
An ad grabs your attention, tells a story and truly makes a mark…in the ad industry, you respond with kudos to its creator and share it with your coworkers. You also have the strong possibility of reading an article about the ad’s accolades at some point in the year. But, while industry cred is always […]

What Instagram Ads?

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
The first ads hit Instagram this winter. Did you notice? Hopefully not. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding how brands should use Instagram ads and if “favorites” or “followers” actually translates into dollars. I think I have déjà vu…Do you remember when people asked if “likes” or “retweets” meant anything? Then people started to realize […]

Designing Effective Packaging

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
There aren’t any set guidelines when it comes to creating effective packaging, but there are some things to consider before you get started. After you have considered the type of packaging you are using and have chosen to use suppliers like Impacked (Impacked has a huge range of wholesale jars and more) who have recyclable […]

Take Your Marketing Plan a Step Further

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
By mid-November, chief marketing officers and their teams are deep in the trenches of planning for the upcoming year. They are evaluating successes, failures and opportunities for growth. Whether you’re just beginning or wrapping up, consider these few thoughts if you haven’t already.