Randy Micheletti
VP, Director of Brand Strategy

Why Target Audiences Don’t Work

As marketers, the common vernacular we use in marketing and advertising to designate the customer/prospect is “target audience.” It’s not a bad term and is well entrenched in marketing and media circles when defining who we are targeting with our advertising message.

However, most target audience profiles just scratch the surface. For example targeting women age 25-54, with children in the household, and a household income of $100,000 is a good start, but have we really painted a picture of what they look like, how they live, their responsibilities at work, likes/dislikes, etc.? Traditional demographics are usually clearly covered but when it comes to psychographics, not so much. And, the typical target market info doesn’t closely address information like industry, job function, geography, etc. which is all extremely important when reaching out to someone with your brand message.

These are people you’re talking to – not just numbers – they have personal lives that you’re trying to interrupt and they make decisions based on their lifestyle. So, get to know them as people – not innocuous age groups or genders. It’ll really make you understand them better – and your messaging/creative will be clearer, concise, targeted and, most importantly, well received.

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