Trending from G/L: Twitter Ads Get More Personal

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
New options in Twitter Ads will definitely be a part of how the user experience for the platform continues to evolve.

Trending from G/L: Sponsored Content on Instagram keeps growing

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Advertising on social media is big business in general, but there’s currently around $1 billion dollars of sponsored content on Instagram alone.

Trending from G/L: Rail Safety getting the Google treatment

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Rail safety remains a critical issue for the transportation industry. Learn what Google is doing to help.

Trending from G/L: How far will personalized marketing and advertising technology go?

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Advertising has a coercively isomorphic relationship with the tech industry; meaning the development and evolution of advertising is at least partially linked to technological innovation.

Trending from G/L: How Nike’s relationship with LeBron remains timeless

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Even before he'd played his first professional game for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003, Nike had signed LeBron James to a deal worth $90 million.

Trending from G/L: How Patagonia let Denali have the spotlight

Meg Strange
Brands have to be careful with emotion, though. They can’t just jump on a serious issue solely for the purpose of banking off its attention—consumers hate this.

Trending from G/L – Marketing Buzzwords aren’t even real anymore

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It’s tough for me to admit, but I’m very susceptible to falling into the cliché trap on a regular basis. I used to do a bunch of sports writing, so when you’re around athletes for a decent amount of time, you’re bound to want to give 110% percent every week. It just comes with the […]

Trending from G/L: Social Impact Cruises

Randy Micheletti
In the first year alone, 18,000 travelers will spend more than 55,000 days volunteering.

Trending from G/L: Wearable Tech Cycles On

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Wearable tech is continuing to explode, with both established brands and tech start-ups entering the fold. Here's one cool new example.

Higher Education: Is Free Coursework Charity or Promotion?

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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will offer a seemingly revolutionary MBA program they call the iMBA. But is there a catch?