Take Your Marketing Plan a Step Further

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
By mid-November, chief marketing officers and their teams are deep in the trenches of planning for the upcoming year. They are evaluating successes, failures and opportunities for growth. Whether you’re just beginning or wrapping up, consider these few thoughts if you haven’t already.

A Walk Through the XIOLINK Website Redesign

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
It’s been some time now that we’ve worked closely with our client (and friends) at XIOLINK, the industry leader in fully-managed IT solutions. XIOLINK acts as an extension of a business’ internal IT department, which frees up their time to work on more strategic IT initiatives that help grow their business. There’s no red tape, […]

Optimize Your Subject Lines for Email Success

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Email subject lines are the gatekeepers to a successful email campaign. The amount of click throughs or conversions may hinge on just a few words. So, it’s time to ask yourself, are you maximizing that subject line.

The Value of Media Training

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to conduct dozens of media training sessions for hundreds of people, from account executives to chief executives of some of the world’s largest companies. Before venturing into public relations, I spent many years as a broadcast journalist on the other side of the microphone, so I know how […]

The Likes and Dislikes of Going Viral

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
What do kittens, Rick Astley and a Korean pop star all have in common? Virality. This new term has been the holy grail for businesses and marketers ever since a dancing baby caught all of our attention back in 1996. But what is it exactly? Virality is when an ad or video gets liked and […]

Understand People & You’ll Understand Business

Tim Leon
A little over a week ago, a couple G/Lers and I attended an event at COCA (Center of Creative Arts) with world-renowned marketing and leadership thought leader, Simon Sinek. To my surprise, the discussion focused on a compelling topic separate from his book Start with Why. Sinek raised the question: What makes great leaders and […]

Trade Show ROI: 7 Keys to Success

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
It’s 2013 and trade shows aren’t going anywhere, so shouldn’t you start improving your trade show ROI? Get the seven tips you and your company need to start using digital technology and understand how to supplement the trade show experience — ultimately leading to stronger customer relationships, new business opportunities and profitable sales leads.

Advertising As We Know It Is Dead: Innovation Uncensored

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Every year Fast Company magazine honors the world’s most innovative companies and follows that up with their Innovation Uncensored event, where the likes of you and I can learn lessons from these world-changing innovators. I attended this event in New York last week and had the opportunity to hear from the most creative, nimble, inventive […]

The Unofficial Rules of Instagram

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Every social media outlet has its rules. And I’m not only referring to the guidelines set forth by the media itself. Instead, I’m talking about a list of “unofficial, but crucial and different” rules that outspoken social participants have decided should be in place. Each avenue has these ambiguous and probably debatable rules. If you’re […]

How Ambush Marketing is Matching Up vs. Sponsorships During #MarchMadness

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Whatever you do, don’t say “March Madness” or “Final Four.” It’s a perfect scenario for any “creative” in the marketing and advertising field really: Figure out a savvy way to utilize social media and digital exposure that ties into the “ma-ma-ma-ma-mad” basketball games that start today. It’s called digital ambush marketing — a low-cost alternative […]