Trending Now from G/L: CLIP, Millennials and Interactive Websites

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Last week we talked about 3-D printing, this week we have another side of production called CLIP, we talk about how to win over millennials and an inspiring interactive web exhibit.

Trending Now from G/L: Tinder, 3-D Printing and Brand Storytelling

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Every Monday G/L brings you one of our favorite trends in marketing and design. This week we talk about Tinder users at SXSW, 3-D printing changing the face of healthcare and Converse telling a story about their shoes.

6 Creative Brainstorming Techniques

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications
Read this six quick tips on how to improve your creative brainstorming techniques for the most efficient brainstorming sessions and business ideas.