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Trending from G/L: The Vegetable Orchestra is cooler than a cucumber

The Vegetable Orchestra based in Vienna, Austria performs with instruments made from fresh, local vegetables.

Worldwide one of a kind, the Vegetable Orchestra performs on instruments made of fresh vegetables. The utilization of various ever refined vegetable instruments creates a musically and aesthetically unique sound universe.

The Vegetable Orchestra was founded in 1998. Based in Vienna, the Vegetable Orchestra plays concerts in all over the world.

There are no musical boundaries for the Vegetable Orchestra. The most diverse music styles fuse here – contemporary music, beat-oriented House tracks, experimental Electronic, Free Jazz, Noise, Dub, Clicks’n’Cuts – the musical scope of the ensemble expands consistently, and recently developed vegetable instruments and their inherent sounds often determine the direction.

Founded in 1998, this innovative group creates a “musically and aesthetically unique sound universe” for their audience. Their concerts truly appeal to all of your senses.

The Vegetable Orchestra prepares for each performance by first shopping at local markets for vegetables to create their instruments with.

Some of these perishable instruments are “ready-made” — like two peppers rubbed together for a squeaking sound. Others require cutting, drilling and assembly to make something similar to traditional instruments — like a carrot flute or a leek violin.

Since their instruments are brand new before each performance, a long sound check is necessary after the creations are complete.

These vegetable instruments achieve sounds traditional instruments cannot — each concert has a completely different and unique sound. The group draws from a number of diverse music styles and influences to create their unusual melodies.

After the concert, the lucky audience members even get to enjoy a homemade soup created from the vegetable instrument left overs.

It is so cool to see such a fresh idea. It just goes to show that you can create something great out of anything — even a carrot.

Be sure to check out this video for a closer look at The Vegetable Orchestra:

Or listen to one of their super unique performances:

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