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How To Pin It To Win It

Pinterest Analytics DashboardPinterest easily ranks as my favorite social media site. All of the ideas, collaboration, innovative ways to approach household tasks, outfit inspiration … it’s seriously addicting. And I’m not alone. Pinterest ranks as one of the fastest-growing social sites. But, the site has the potential to go beyond DIY and dinner ideas.

Brands and companies have discovered that Pinterest is an important tool to promote products and share content. For B2B marketers, Pinterest is a great source to share information like thought leadership articles, best practices or new product innovations. For B2C marketers, Pinterest can be a great tool to share products and new uses.

With the recent launch of Pinterest Web Analytics, site owners now have access to how people are interacting with those pins and driving traffic to your website.

To get started, you need to follow a few simple steps to create a business account on Pinterest. Then you’re ready to pin away. Of course, make sure that you start with great images, title those images appropriately, show your business’s personality by giving your boards fun and descriptive titles, interact with other’s pins and share your pins via other social media.

The new analytics feature allows you to track what content site visitors find most engaging during a given time period, including:

  • What pieces of content are being pinned directly from your website
  • Unique visitors pinning content directly from your website
  • Which of your pins on Pinterest are being repinned
  • Unique visitors who are repinning your pins
  • How many times your pins appear in search results across multiple platforms, including the desktop site, iOS or Android
  • How many unique visitors saw your pins on given dates
  • How many users visited your website directly from Pinterest
  • How many times users click on your website
  • Whether your statistics are increasing or decreasing between periods

Not only is this information extremely helpful, access to this data can help you answer:

  • What content is resonating with customers?
  • How are customers engaging with your website and your pins?
  • What is the popularity of your pins among users?

Pinterest Analytics allows you to tailor content to suit the needs of your users and inspire your followers to think differently about your brand, category or products. The initial data can help you decide if Pinterest is an effective tool to add to your social media mix. Why not give it a try and see what all the buzz is about? And, if you’re looking for a great recipe for dinner tonight, check out my foodie board.