Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

G/L’s Website Overhaul

Launching a new site is rewarding. Whether it’s for a client or, in this case, ourselves, we get to see the development of wireframes, the evolution of copy, custom photography and a refreshed approach to user experience. As with any effort around here, we had a few key objectives in mind.

Mobile First & Retina-Ready: It isn’t news that online consumption has transitioned and heavily caters to mobile and tablet users. That type of experience is top of mind in our approach to web design and development. And the retina-ready methodology we applied enhances content for HD screens to deliver appropriately sized assets.

Work Display: We’re proud of the work we deliver our clients, so we wanted a more in-depth, visually appealing way to display just what we do. Case studies tell a story and work shows our breadth of services, from planning and strategy to digital to communications.

Culture Through Content: The content we share throughout the site is a true reflection of G/L – there’s no disconnect in what you see on-screen and what you experience when you walk through our doors. From the way we do business to our lighthearted day-to-day rhetoric, we want to provide a true testament to what we’re all about.

Take a look around, catch up on our blogs, download some white papers, ask us questions. We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we did creating it.