Shawn Maher

Why Your Branding Is So Important for Potential Employees

When we talk about branding, many would immediately begin thinking about how it works in relationship to the sales cycle and staking a claim in the consumer marketplace. But what about the human resources marketplace? 

We all understand how vital our staff is to our success, not only in their skillset, but also their fit with the company’s culture. Having recently made two new hires at G/L, this has been top of mind for us lately. So when we saw a new study from Hinge Research that showed that 73% of professionals place the utmost importance on a clearly defined and articulated company culture, we weren’t surprised. But it definitely got us thinking. 

A company’s culture permeates everything they do: from the work they produce to the way the company grows and moves forward in their overarching plan. So why not articulate this in your branding? In the same study, around half the people surveyed cite the ability to attract candidates as the most important element of an employer’s brand.

Both our company culture and our work are tied directly into Making It Mean Something. Not only is it our north star internally, but it is branding that clearly communicates to both potential employees and clients what we are all about here at G/L. Sure, the work matters more than anything else. But putting ourselves into a position to create great work is a result of using our brand to attract the most talented people who work together seamlessly, along with clients who understand the long-term importance and ramifications of everything we do. 

Everything we do, we Make It Mean Something for our clients. And everyone here at Geile/Leon is pulling in the same direction to achieve that. That’s how great branding works. It’s the megaphone on the rowboat to let us all know when to row, that way we can go further and faster than we would simply by paddling at our own pace and our own discretion. 

Have you thought about how potential employees view your company? Does your brand properly reflect your culture? Or is it holding you back in building the staff you need to realize your vision? These big-picture discussions are what gets us really excited at G/L, so get in touch so we can talk about building an all-encompassing brand for you.