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Key Elements to Creating Personas

Why Personas?

Personas are a way of thinking differently about your target audience(s). Instead of only focusing on their age range, gender, income, etc., personas dig deeper into who the audience is. What challenges do they face day-to-day? Do they have a family? Are they climbing the corporate ladder? Do they often read industry news/blogs to stay relevant? When do they buy your product/service? Answering these questions and more bring to life the people you’re speaking to. You’ll feel like you really know them, resulting in strategic marketing that offers a solution to your customer because you’ll understand what they are looking for and where they are looking for it.

Creating personas for your marketing results in:

1. Targeted delivery and measurable results: Where is your customer? When and how are you offering them a solution? Thinking about your customer’s path to purchase will lead you to the most valuable place to speak to them. Maybe it’s POS or maybe it’s a Facebook ad. Either way, you’ll know the perfect place to reach them based on their habits. And, you’ll know if you’re successful by setting clear, measurable objectives.

2. In-depth customer knowledge: Typically, marketers pull out key demographic information about their audience. We’ve all seen it – women, ages 25-40, income of $60,000, head of household, 2 kids…etc. With personas, you’ll be able to picture exactly who you’re speaking to. See a couple of persona examples here.

3. Valuable leads: Because you know who you are speaking to, the best place to reach them and how you should position your product based on the customer’s needs, your marketing will generate meaningful leads and customers.


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