Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

Video Content Trend: An Interactive Cinematographic Encyclopedia

Each week at G/L, we get together to discuss trends in the marketing industry. They can include campaigns that we like, love, hate or think missed the mark (newsworthy or otherwise) as well as up-and-coming tools or strategies that we could possibly adopt to help us do better work. It often gets our creative juices flowing and excited to finish the week strong.

In one of these meetings, a website tool called Eyecandy got our creative juices flowing like the Mississippi River.

Eyecandy is a website that demonstrates different video technique shots with examples from both modern and classic television and movies that use exemplary cinematography. As soon as I pulled up the website in my browser, I pulled an Alice in Wonderland and fell into a rabbit hole of stunning and captivating visuals.

And of course I couldn’t help thinking about how we can use it here at Geile/Leon.

When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, a tool like this could be worth even more when explaining an idea we’re working on at G/L Content Studios, especially during pre-production work. Eyecandy will help us create dynamic storyboards that highlight the techniques we would employ and aid us in effectively communicating what the video will look like shot-by-shot to our clients.

And you can only imagine how it would kick start brainstorming sessions for videos no matter what the medium.

Yeah, you could say we have a sweet tooth for Eyecandy. There’s nothing that gets us more excited then imaging what we can create for our clients. So if you’d like to get in on the excitement, get in touch and let’s talk about how we can inject a little bit of eye candy into your video content.