Dave Geile
Creative Director Managing Partner

Importance Of Personas in Shaping Targeted Messaging

Wikipedia defines personas as fictional characters created to represent the different buyer types within a targeted demographic. So, buyer personas are groups of ideal customers, defined by looking deeply into their lives, their thinking, their problems, and their challenges in life.

Once you create personas, you are no longer talking to a demographic age group. You are talking to people with very different lifestyles within that demographic. You get to know them as people versus an innocuous age group or gender. These insights give you important details to define what that customer cares most about, and what applies best to their lives and decision process. But also, they present opportunities for you to target your marketing and messaging to each specific persona. This makes you understand them, and your messaging will sound like you are talking directly to them. Plus, it is important to note that while you have a primary target audience, or even a secondary target audience, you may have 5-6 persona profiles within each of those audience segments. Building customer persona profiles provides valuable insight on your ideal customer.

Best of all, persona-profiling works for all size markets. Small business, or large company, personas allow marketers to create the right content that is most likely to influence a customer to take action and convert them from an interested party to a solid customer.

Are you interested in finding out more about creating personas to help with your strategic marketing messages? Download our Persona Whitepaper to understand why they are critical to your marketing efforts and how to create them. You will also find examples of Personas we have created for our clients.

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