Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

Heartland Bank Finds Fun Way to Bolster United Way Giving

Heartland Bank, a client of St. Louis Public Relations Agency Geile/Leon Marketing Communications, decided they wanted to do a little more than just contribute to the annual United Way Campaign on an individual basis.

So they decided that this year, each department would create an auction basket with donated items from clients, customers and themselves. Each basket would have its own theme. Once all the baskets were put together, employees would bid on each of the baskets (silent auction). The bidding began on October 5, and ended on October 7. There were eight baskets in all (one from each department) and the minimum bid was 50 bucks. Of course, some of the great baskets created stood out, like the Football one (pictured below) with Rams tickets, Mizzou gear and tailgating stuff.

Anyway, the highest bid went to the basket from the Heartland Bank Mortgage. These folks didn’t get a lot of donations, so they put together a basket with Cheez-Its, Dr. Pepper and Twizzlers! It drew $1350!

The entire auction added $4,000 to the bank’s contribution, and everyone had a great time doing it.