Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

Following My Own Advice When Preparing for a Media Interview

There is nothing like being on the other side of an interview to make you think about what you do for a living. As Vice President of Geile/Leon Marketing Communications, a St. Louis public relations agency, I train people how to do effective interviews. But when it is personal, I wonder what to say and how it will look in print!

I recently had a great experience with Town & Style writer Elle Denigan and photographer Charlie Barnes. Elle chose me to participate in the “What’s Your Routine” column. I will be featured in the October 26 column talking about my workout routine.

While I work out regularly, and always have, it still was a little nerve racking to be talking about myself to a reporter who was in fact asking me questions. Now many of you who know me will be asking if I followed my own advice when preparing for the interview, such as writing notes and key messages to deliver. Well, I can honestly tell you that I tried to!

I think I stammered a little when Elle asked me about my eating habits—what else could I say but that I am picky, with a capital “P!” She was very easy to talk to, but it was still an interview! Now I have a better sense of how my clients must feel when I put them in front of the media!