Dave Geile
Creative Director Managing Partner

Forest ReLeaf

Forest ReLeaf of Missouri was founded in 1993 as the local response to Global ReLeaf, an international project of American Forests to increase tree planting. Today, Forest ReLeaf is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring volunteer efforts in planning and caring for our trees and forests, particularly those in cities and towns.

Their mission is simple, to provide trees for public and nonprofit plantings and present educational programs to increase stewardship of the trees and forests in Missouri and surrounding regions. This mission was exemplified in the shipment of trees to the tornado-devastated area of Joplin Missouri. To date, Forest ReLeaf has shipped more than 3,500 trees to Joplin, where more than 20,000 trees where lost. In short, they put green where green doesn’t exist.

The vision of Forest ReLeaf is for our region to be a healthy community of trees and forests sustained by volunteer efforts, while maintaining their continued partnership with the public and private sectors.

In support of this mission and vision, Forest ReLeaf is committed to a series of organizational goals.

  • To raise public awareness for the need, and benefits of community trees, and to facilitate community dialogue and action based on best practices in the field of forestry.
  • To increase tree planting involving public and private organizations and   individuals.
  • To improve community trees and forests by promoting their proper establishment, placement and diversity, and to address forestry objectives identified through their partnerships which include the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Community Forestry Council.

The biggest need for Forest ReLeaf is volunteers. With just three staff members, Forest ReLeaf relies nearly entirely on volunteers to accomplish the mission. Each year, hundreds of dedicated individuals and thousands of hours of service are needed to help with the Forest ReLeaf  programs. Young trees require lots of attention. Forest ReLeaf’s community nursery has 14,000 trees to manage, and depends heavily on volunteers to help plant, water, and weed young trees on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and occasional Saturdays.

My family has been very active in Forest ReLeaf. This is credited mostly to my wife, who has donated hundreds of hours over the years. For myself, along with volunteering, I have attended several fundraisers and events in support of Forest ReLeaf. I also had the pleasure of donating time in mentoring a group of young volunteer creative people from the advertising community. Together we produced a branding and print campaign for Forest ReLeaf. G/L was also a sponsor at the Forest ReLeaf 20th anniversary celebration.

Now, in celebration of our own 25th anniversary at G/L, I plan to plant 25 trees in commemoration. But I also wanted to celebrate by bringing this great group of people into the spotlight and congratulate them. This is a fantastic group of dedicated people, doing great things that benefit all of us, and for generations to come.

For more information on corporate, foundation and in-kind giving opportunities, please contact:

Donna Coble
Executive Director
314/ 533-5323, ext.12