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Content Marketing? What Content?

One of the topics that I am engaged in on a regular basis with my clients is “content.” What is it, how do we develop it and most importantly where do we put it once it’s created? This last question may be the easiest as I see content as “news” so it goes anyplace (almost) that a good old-fashioned story goes. And everyone needs content, whether you’re a giant global manufacturer or a local non-profit.

In the past, PR sometimes focused on pushing client information out to media that was focused on the client’s position, accomplishments, etc. We used press releases filled with messages about new products, new executives, anniversaries and awards. All great news, but does the audience really care about that?

Is this client-focused content more exciting to us than it is to our audience?

Now that everyone sees the importance of providing “solution oriented” content, we have to think about problems from the customer’s perspective, and whether what we’re pitching will really help the customer solve their problem. Content that is focused on solutions answer questions and provide options that customers NEED.

The media really hasn’t change all that much, just the outlets where your story appears. And, there is more space for pictures and video! More action. More engagement. But in my experience you have to pitch the value of a story (and its critical elements) and provide the media with what it needs to get the story covered.

One of the most impressive videos I recently ran across is the “Cat Ultimate Challenge” posted on Twitter by Caterpillar. I happen to love what heavy equipment can do and find it a symphony of motion to watch. I am always amazed at how a skilled operator can make a 12-hundred ton machine perform. Caterpillar makes very impressive equipment and this “game” was recorded using 12 “go-pro” cameras to demonstrate the equipment’s versatility.  This Jenga game between some of the most massive pieces of equipment is fun to watch and makes for great content.