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The first generation ili is currently capable of translating between Chinese, Japanese, and English, facilitating nearly instant multilingual conversation between any combinations of the three.

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Mobile Apps in 2016 – The fad is over, but the market is still there

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Mobile Apps are still a critical tool when they address a key need.

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Find Your Why: Why Do You Do What You Do?

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There are so many different brands fighting for the top spot in the same industry; to stand out seems nearly impossible.

Find Your Why: How? Start By Asking Questions

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Discovering your “why” isn’t as easy as it first may seem. Shooting from the hip may result in an off-strategy approach, confusion among employees, and even criticism—external or otherwise.

6 Creative Brainstorming Techniques

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Read this six quick tips on how to improve your creative brainstorming techniques for the most efficient brainstorming sessions and business ideas.