Randy Micheletti
VP, Director of Brand Strategy

Why the Big Idea Is More Important Than Ever for Brand Marketing

In today’s ever-evolving landscape, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to capture consumer attention. With a constant influx of information and countless competing brands, businesses must find a way to break through the clutter and stand out from the crowd.

After recently reading “The ‘Big Idea’: Five Keys to The Future of Brand Marketing,” I came away believing more than ever in the importance of a compelling and impactful idea that can transform the way brands connect with consumers and stay relevant.

What does a big idea look like? Here are five key characteristics:

Connecting to Culture

To truly resonate with consumers, brands must tap into the pulse of culture. Understanding societal trends, values and aspirations enables brands to create messaging that aligns with the needs and desires of their target audience.

By establishing a connection with culture, brands can position themselves as relevant and relatable, increasing the likelihood of consumer engagement and loyalty. According to a recent Twitter study, a brand’s cultural involvement makes up a full 25% of a consumer’s purchase decision. The “big idea” should serve as a bridge between the brand’s values and the cultural landscape it operates within.

Commitment to Doing Good

In an era where consumers are increasingly conscious of the social and environmental impact of their choices, brands need to demonstrate a commitment to doing good. According to a recent IBM study, 71% of U.S. customers believe “corporations have a responsibility to prioritize their employees, the environment, and their community as much as shareholder returns.

Aligning with a cause or incorporating sustainability into business practices can help a brand build trust and establish an emotional connection with consumers. The ‘big idea’ should encompass a purpose-driven approach that not only benefits the brand but also contributes positively to society.


Authenticity has become a buzzword in the marketing world…and for good reason. Consumers can quickly detect inauthentic attempts by brands to capture their attention. The “big idea” must genuinely represent the brand’s identity and values. Authenticity builds trust, strengthens brand reputation and fosters lasting relationships with consumers. By staying true to their essence, brands can establish a distinct voice that resonates with their target audience.

Strong Brand Messaging

In a sea of advertisements, brands must communicate their message effectively and memorably. Their story should encapsulate the essence of the brand, its unique selling proposition and the value it offers to consumers. By crafting a strong brand message, brands can differentiate themselves from competitors and create a lasting impression in the minds of consumers. Consistency in messaging across various touchpoints enhances brand recognition and recall, reinforcing the “big idea.”

Full Integration Across Consumer Channels

To effectively stand out, the “big idea” must be seamlessly integrated across all consumer channels. In today’s interconnected world, brands need to meet consumers wherever they are, whether it’s through traditional media, social platforms or experiential marketing. A consistent and cohesive presence strengthens the brand’s impact and ensures a unified experience. By being omnipresent, brands can maximize their reach and engagement, effectively cutting through the noise of the crowded marketplace.

In an era where consumers are bombarded with a constant stream of information, brands must find innovative ways to break through and capture attention. The “big idea” serves as the driving force behind powerful storytelling and consumer engagement. By connecting to culture, demonstrating a commitment to doing good, being authentic, crafting a strong brand message and integrating seamlessly across consumer channels, brands can break through the noise by engaging consumers and inspire brand loyalty. In this ever-evolving marketing landscape, the “big idea” remains a vital component for brands looking to make a lasting impact.

Reference: Forbes Article dated June 29, 2022 titled The ‘Big Idea’: Five Keys To The Future of Brand Marketing