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Trending from G/L – Best Christmas Ads 2015

Christmas and the holiday season seem to bring out the inner waterworks here at G/L. And by that we mean it’s just really dusty in here, OK? Seriously, I’m fine. Stop looking at me!

Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, the Best Christmas ads 2015 are upon us! While the focus of most American Christmas ads seems to be pushing deals and the urgency of the holidays, some advertisers outside of the U.S. take a more long-term approach to building brand awareness and favorability.

In the United Kingdom, leading department store chain John Lewis has been creating memorable spots since 2007. With the rise of social media, the ads have achieved even more of a global audience. And with the holiday season finally here, there was pressure on the brand to step up again.

It’s fairly safe to say they’ve done it again with #ManOnTheMoon:

Seriously, who cut all those onions? So rude.

Not to be outdone, The Spanish Lottery went more of the Pixar route in the lead-up to their annual Christmas drawing. According to Adweek, the lottery, which dates back to 1812, is very community-focused. So with their video, they aimed to highlight that sense of togetherness.

Gahhh, so much emotion!

In all seriousness, both John Lewis and The Spanish Lottery videos make waves because they highlight the things people value most about the holiday season. While pushing deals and pressing the urgency of the holidays is important for measuring success and ROI in the short-term, these brands are focusing less on the heat of the moment and more on what caring and kindness can do year-round. They are showcasing what makes them stand out, not fit in.

We love helping brands find what helps them stand apart. And while we hope you enjoy the holiday season, once January rolls around, if you’d like to chat, feel free to contact us.

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