Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

2 St. Louisans You Should Know, and Should Want to Know!

Guess who made the list of St. Louis Small Business Monthly’s “Top 100 St. Louisans You Should Know to Succeed in Business” Our very own Dave Geile and Tim Leon–Managing Partners of St. Louis PR Agency Geile/Leon Marketing Communications.

Each received a nice write-up by the editors (see attached).

Now, this isn’t the first time our fearless leaders have been prominently featured in this publication. As the agency was celebrating its 20th anniversary, Dave and Tim were the focus of the article “How to Create a Successful Business Partnership”, which was published in spring of 2010.

As Tim put it, “Like a marriage, you have to work on the relationship every day. It comes easy for Dave and me because we understand each other’s roles and our strengths and weaknesses. We have the same vision of success for our business and life.”

Congratulations bosses!! We’re ALL glad to know you!! And I’m not being paid to say that. Well, I kinda, sorta am.