Dan Diveley
VP of Business Development

10 Reasonable Ideas On How To Use 360 Videos In Your Marketing Mix

Lots of people talk about 360 degree videos and how great they are, but they use it as little more than a buzzword—like “social media” or “gluten free”—without providing information you can actually use. We’re here to fix that! Here’s ten practical ways you can incorporate 360 videos into your marketing mix:

  1. Universities – share the experience! Prospective students want to know more about your school than your degree programs, national rankings or tuition assistance. If your campus is worth showing, then show it!
  2. Take your customers on a virtual plant tour! So many companies brag about how their products are made by hard-working employees—but they don’t showcase these hard workers. Introduce these hard workers to the world by showing them build the products that make your company great.
  3. Relieve some of apprehension of visiting your medical facilities! Take some of the mystery out of a patient’s visit by showing these patients what a visit will look like. Show them around and introduce friendly nurses, caring staff, and maybe even a few of your docs … but keep it Hipaa Compliant!
  4. Got something to excite manufacturing engineers? They love to take a deep dive into your new products when designing theirs. Show them the product, how it fits into a production environment, and augment their knowledge beyond specs and diagrams.
  5. Are your products loved by fanatical DIYers? Hobbyists of all stripes love meeting others enthusiastic about their craft. And they love hanging out in their home work areas. Let viewers check out the workshop while your happy customer is using—and praising—your product.
  6. Looking to raise funds for a charitable cause? Pull the heartstrings of potential donors by letting them experience the need. Let them take a virtual tour and the much needed funding should start flowing in.
  7. Bring your case studies to life! Did you install something amazing in a plant or building that could help other companies? Give your case histories a “real-life” feel by letting your viewers take an unguided tour. Nothing proves a point than actually seeing it in action.
  8. Motivate your sales teams. Want to add pizazz to your award programs? Instead of relying on travel brochures to promote award destinations, entice your sales force (and their significant others) with 360 videos that help their imaginations (and sales) to soar.
  9. Don’t just preach safety, show it! Let your employees take a tour and find the safety violations. Include a survey and ask them to point out the problems and how to fix them.
  10. Showcase your corporate campus! Corporations spend lots of money to make their headquarters look impressive. And why not? A swanky office space gives the impression of a successful company – one that customers and employees would be attracted to. Not everyone can take a trip just to see your digs, so bring your digs to them.

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